Everything You Know About Your Energy Bill Is Wrong

You pay your energy bill every month, and you get to turn on the lights. That's the way it's been for a century or so, until deregulation. In the late '90s and early '00s, states began to deregulate the energy market to avoid monopolies; that means they still control the delivery to your home, but they no longer own the supply. You can't control your utility, but you can control where your utility gets its power.

Your utility has their favorite energy sources; the same power plants they've been working with for decades and possibly used to own. Those favorites are fossil fuel providers, which are becoming obsolete, and not just because they're dwindling. Green energy isn't a faraway dream. Energy from wind turbines has been cheaper than fossil fuel energy since 2011 and solar energy has been cheaper since 2015!

Utilities currently have no financial incentive to switch to green energy, so they don't. And that's where Arcadia Power comes in. Arcadia Power knows that sustainable energy is cheap and plenty, so they look at your power bill to find you environmentally friendly sources of energy in your zip code that will bring your costs down. You keep the same utility you've had forever.

At this moment, you have full control to shop for a new, greener, cheaper energy supplier in your area, but it can be confusing. Arcadia Power wants to build a more sustainable future, so they are committed to making green energy more accessible for everyone. They do this by working with your local community solar power initiatives and wind farms to drive down costs.

This is where you come in. You input your information on their website, and they automatically search your area for cheaper, greener energy. They'll only apply it to your energy bill if it's cheaper and greener. There's no difference in the availability of your energy in your home; you'll never be the only house on the street without power.

That means that after you send over your info, you get to see savings increase and know that up to 50% of your energy is coming from clean, renewable sources.

To see if you live in one of the states where Arcadia Power can give you the green advantage, type in your zip code to Arcadia Power to start saving. They'll do all the work for you because clean, inexpensive energy exists and you deserve it.

Update: The folks at Arcadia Power are extending a special offer to our readers! Sign up today and get $15 OFF your next utility bill!