Apple releases iOS 11.2 and of course there are problems

Lauren Barack 04 December 2017

Apple pushed out iOS 11.2 Saturday — and almost immediately some users reported problems. The top issue? Face ID stopped working.

Pop-ups saying Face ID wouldn't activate hit particular iPhone X owners, reports 9to5Mac. And while some fixed the problem fairly simply by rebooting their iPhone, new bugs popped up — particularly around battery life.

Those who updated over the weekend have complained about rapid battery loss, not seeing the battery monitor anymore on their phone— or devices that are growing worryingly warm.

Apple released iOS 11.2 off its regular schedule (usually these are pushed out on a Tuesday) because of iPhone users reporting their phones crash when iPhones hit December 2. The new release fixed this concern, as well as those autocorrect bugs that replaced 'it' with 'I.T.', for example.

The new iOS also installed support for Apple Pay Cash — which will let iPhone owners send and receive cash from anyone in their network: friends, family and the like. Think Venmo and PayPal, but in this case there's no app, payments can be sent through iMessage or even by just asking Siri. You need two-factor authentication on your iPhone (which you should have anyway) and you're good to go.

iOS 11.2 pushes out support for Apple Pay Cash, a new peer to peer payment service in iMessageApple

But that feature isn't live. And while the new iOS update also supports a few other details, like faster wireless charging, some new wallpapers and even a fix for calculators where typing numbers too fast could yield wrong answers (really?) it may be worth waiting a day or two to install the iOS 11.2 if you everything is working fine right now.

Here's the full list of updates with 11.2:

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