Let Google Home help you sleep with these soothing ambient sounds

Alistair Charlton 06 February 2018

At GearBrain we have have already talked about how Alexa and other smart home gadgets like Philips Hue lights can be used to wake you up gradually each morning. Now, Google Assistant on the Google Home smart speaker can help you drift off to sleep just as effectively.

Google has loaded its AI assistant with a wide range of soothing sounds to act as background noise, helping you get to sleep.

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The sounds can be asked for in a number of ways. To let Google pick which effect to play, say: "Hey/Okay Google, help me relax" or: "Hey Google, play ambient noise". Then, if you want to try something else, you can ask: "Okay Google, what other ambient sounds do you know?"

The Google Assistant has 15 ambient sounds to choose fromGoogle

If white noise is more your thing, then just say: "Hey Google, play white noise"

Alternatively, you can ask for Google Assistant to play a specific sound. These include crackling fires, roaring rivers, the distant wildlife of a forest, or weather like rain and thunderstorms.

All of Google's ambient sounds can be played by the Google Home, Home Mini and Home Max, or via the Google Assistant on your smartphone.

The full list of ambient sounds, published by Google itself, is as follows:

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