Orion Labs adds IFTTT Applets so you can run your Onyx via voice

Orion Labs has new IFTTT Applets that expand the way people can operate and run the company's Onyx wearable walkie-talkies. These new abilities include voice alerts that ping when a message comes in from a client, to the ability to send a message via Google Assistant to an Orion group.

IFTTT is a platform that gives people — and brands — the ability to create their own mini-apps, called Applets. Think of them as digital recipes, mini-commands that can be shared publicly as well. Orion Labs' release fits into IFTTT's mission to be an ecosystem for all things connected.

"Today's integration with IFTTT opens up a whole new sphere of opportunity for voice technology," said Jesse Robbins, Orion Labs Founder and CEO. "We're looking forward to seeing what people can do when they combine productivity and collaboration tools with the Orion Voice Platform."

The new Orion Labs IFTTT Applets include:

●Gmail - receive a voice alert from Onyx when a VIP — such as your boss or an important client — emails you

●SMS - receive a text notification if someone in your Orion group says a specific word or phrase relevant to your projects

●WeMo - turn your WeMo-connected device on or off remotely, with a simple voice command to Onyx

●Google Calendar - receive a voice alert from Onyx 15 minutes before your next meeting, so you don't need to check a screen

●Alexa - get a voice alert from Onyx when your Alexa timer goes off, so you can hear alarms from the other room

●Slack - post messages you say in your Orion group to a Slack channel

●Google Assistant - send a voice message to your Orion group using Google Assistant

●SmartThings - receive a voice notification from Onyx when the office door is opened after normal working hours"

IFTTT is thrilled to partner with Orion Labs," said Anne Mercogliano, VP of Marketing and Operations at IFTTT. "Our mission is to help people do more with the services they love. Voice is one of our fast-growing categories of IFTTT Applets, and we're looking forward to seeing which of Orion's Applets resonate most with people."

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