What works with Lutron

See What Works with Lutron connected devices including Caseta wireless hub and Serena motorized shades.

Do you currently own a Caséta by Lutron wireless in-wall light dimmer and hub to control your smart shades or lights? Do you have Caséta Smart Bridge and want to know which smart home products, other than Lutron, work with it seamlessly in your smart home?

If so, we’ve created The GearBrain, a compatibility checker which shows you which smart devices play nicely with Lutron smart devices, including the Caséta Smart Bridge, Serena Motorized Shades and the rest of Lutron smart devices. Just select a product category from the dropdown filter to bring up not only the products that can sync with Philips Hue Smart LED Lights, but also reviews, relevant content from GearBrain’s editors like How To’s and news updates — as well as where to find and buy the item online. Let’s get started.

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Lutron is well known for its lighting products and smart shades, making it simple to customize your living space. You can select from a wide variety of switches and dimmers on the lighting side, and create the shades you want as well, choosing the fabric to the style you prefer. These can be connected to many other smart home brands because of Lutron’s integration with leading voice assistants, allowing you to truly build a modern living space that not only reacts to your needs, but reflects your unique, personal style.

One of Lutron’s better known products is its line of smart shades, which can be easily ordered online, at home, and every thing needed to install them yourself is sent right to your door. The shades are wireless as well, and works though the Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge, which means automation is seamless. The Smart Bridge is also the key to integrating other smart devices to your Lutron products, with the hub connecting to a home router, and then to the Lutron app you’ll install on your smartphone.

You can run up to 50 lighting devices through the Caséta Smart Bridge, and its corresponding app, and inside you’ll find a number of customizable features. One includes the popular Caséta Sunset Tracker, which makes sure lights come on at home when the evening starts to get dark, and not just based on a pre-programmed schedule.

Voice control

Lutron’s Caséta line of lighting products, a favorite for residential home owners, also works with most of the major voice assistants and their platforms including Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. That means you can operate your smart lights through Caséta devices just by speaking your request out loud.

There are even more brands that work with Lutron, including Sonos, Nest, SmartThings, Honeywell, Apple’s HomeKit, ecobee and many others. Want the lights to turn on when a smart video camera in the home senses movement? That can be done. Your connected thermostat can also start cooling down your living space, and draw the shades, just as the moon rises and it’s time to start getting ready for bed.

In short, there are endless possibilities of how someone can live and run their space with Lutron products in their home. The choice is yours.