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Do you currently own a Nest smart thermostat or thinking about getting one? Do you want to know which smart home products work with a Nest smart thermostat seamlessly in your smart home? If so, we’ve created The GearBrain, a compatibility checker which shows you which smart devices play nicely with Nest Smart Thermostats, Nest Cam and the rest of the Nest smart devices.

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Nest appeared in the market with its learning thermostat in 2011, a device that picked up on how people wanted to run their home in terms of energy use and temperature comfort. When you’re not at home, Nest figures that out, turning down the air conditioning or heating so energy isn’t wasted to keep a house warm or cool when no one is around.

Today there are far more than smart thermostats under the Nest brand. You can find security cameras, video doorbells, door locks, alarm systems, smoke and CO alarms as well, of course, as thermostats all working together to help you run your home intelligently and efficiently. There are additional services you can add to some of these devices as well, layering more security to your house through Nest Aware, a subscription-based program which lets you view video history and get alerts when its linked to Nest’s security cameras.

Besides the robust line of Nest products that can connect together, Nest also works with many brands from Philips Hue and Lifx light bulbs to Whirlpool and its line of washing machines. Nest connects to other devices including the Next x Yale Lock — which can send a passcode to visiting relatives who may have arrived for a weekend visit before you could get back from work. Have a Chamberlain garage door? Once you leave for the day, and the garage shuts, the Nest Learning Thermostat will also know to temper its heating system, since you’ve left.

Nest’s network also dovetails nicely with Google Home, so if you’re feeling a bit warm while watching your favorite TV show, you can ask Google Assistant to turn down the heat through the Nest Learning Thermostat and it’s all handled without you having to get up from the couch.

To get started, all you need is a Nest thermostat, or one of the Nest Protect smoke and CO alarms or Nest Cam security cameras and other devices will then pick up, sense them, and start to work together. To link your other products, like Lifx bulbs, you just go into that brand’s app and direct it to connect to Nest. There, you’re done.

Nest is one of the more seamless smart home systems you can find — intuitive and expanding constantly.