It's bedtime. You're tossing and turning, trying to hit that sweet spot and catch some quality z's. Maybe it was all the coffee, you think. Or maybe it's your old mattress, way past its prime. But we bet the last thing you're thinking about is your sheets. Scratchy, hot, or ill-fitting sheets can cause us a lot of grief. Here's one company that's diving head first into that dilemma and offering the science behind their expertly-developed luxury sheets: Brooklinen.

The brains behind Brooklinen developed their sheets with the meticulous eyes of scientists. Step one was identifying the issue they wanted to attack: Why are soft sheets so expensive? They realized that a lot of it had to due with the lack of transparency in the traditional bedding manufacturing process. Think about it. When you typically buy sheets, you have to go to the department store and pick from a limited selection of bagged items marked way up. Brooklinen uses high-quality materials and high caliber manufacturing to cut out the middleman and have control over the entire direct-to-consumer process. This makes them more readily available to process consumer feedback to make real-time innovations to their products.

So what exactly are these high-quality materials? Brooklinen uses long-staple cotton, which produces superior cotton fibers. These fibers are then spun into stronger and finer yarns, exposing fewer ends. This makes for extremely smooth, soft, and luxurious weaves. They did some investigative work and found that thread count is a ploy that many manufacturers use to give the illusion of higher-quality, when they were really using inferior and coarser multi-ply yarn. The scientists behind Brooklinen use single-ply yarn to produce the finest 60 and 80 yarn count threads.

With their materials in tow, they then developed two signature weaves to appeal to all different kinds of sleepers: the percale for a crisp and lightweight feel, and the sateen for a silky-soft luxe feel. To put it all together, they use Osthoff Singe German-made finishing machines, which are widely considered the best in the industry.

The result? A combination of passion, expert research, synthesis of customer feedback, and quality products makes Brooklinen's sheets scientifically built to give you a more comfortable night's sleep. Plus, their selection of high fill comforters and ultra-comfy pillows are the perfect additions to the ultimate bedroom. One of their most popular items is the Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle, which gives you everything you need to tech-out your bed for just $228. Included is a flat sheet, fitted sheet, duvet, and four pillowcases. Now get back to sleep.

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