Write for GearBrain

GearBrain Editorial Team 15 July 2015

If you're a freelance writer, reporter or journalist and have a story or video idea you'd like to pitch, here's what we're always looking for:

Send short, well-crafted pitches to edit@gearbrain.com. No marketing pitches please. (For marketing and PR requests read below.) If you're a freelance journalist or reporter, please put "Pitch" in the subject line, and keep your pitch to a few paragraphs: hook us with the story. We'd also like to know why you'd be the best person to write or create a video for this piece. Please include a few links to some clips or videos if you have these.

We do pay for stories, and we can discuss rates if we think your pitch is right for us. We promise to respond to pitches. Just give us a week or two — and you're welcome to ping us again if you haven't heard back by then.

Brands and PR:

Please contact us at info@gearbrain.com. If your product or news is right for us, we will get back to you. We're always interested in hearing from new companies, and about upcoming products and technology.