Pokémon Go wants you to spend Halloween chasing them

Halloween comes early to Pokémon Go players: with new characters and a return of some that we love including Cubone, Drowzee, Misdreavus and Gastly.

New Pokémon include Sableye, Banette — ghost-like creatures, says Niantic, which were "...originally discovered in the Hoenn region," the company says. (Details that only a true Pokémon Go fan could love.)

Also keep your eyes out for a uniquely-styled Pikachu dressed up for Halloween. Candy rewards are also doubled for catching, hatching and transferring Pokémon. And your buddy will find candy at double its usual speed — an appropriate treat for Halloween. There are also special disguises for trainers: look for Mimikyu's Disguise Hat as a new avatar add-on.

Niantic also plans to send out more Pokémon over the holiday season with some only seen before in the "Pokémon Ruby" and "Pokémon Sapphire" video games.

But hurry: this Halloween event only runs through November 2, stopping at 1 am PT.

Halloween comes early to Pokémon Go

Trick or treat for Pokémon Go fans with new Pokémon making appearances starting today, and candy rewards for catching, hatching and transferring Pokémon doubling.