From Rookie to Pro — Find Out Which PXG Clubs Are Right For You

After watching PGA Tour Rookie Jake Knapp snag the clutch-win at the 2024 Mexico Open, everyone’s been talking about PXG.

Launched in the early 2010s by Bob Parsons (an avid golfer, philanthropist, US Marine and, of course, the brains behind the company GoDaddy), PXG has the golf world all abuzz by designing and building innovative clubs that deliver insane performance.

Sure, PXG’s clubs are go-tos for tour-winning pros — but they also offer an awesome variety of equipment for all types of golfers. So, whether you’re shooting in the 100s, desperately trying to break 80, or a scratch golfer, PXG provides the perfect set for every skill level.

Here’s a breakdown of the PXG clubs that are best for each kind of golfer:

Beginners & Occasional Golfers:

Not everyone can be as gifted as Jake Knapp. To be brutally honest, the average golfer struggles to break 100. And if you’re still losing a dozen balls per round, don't stress — PXG’s got you covered with its 0211 Z Irons & Drivers.

The PXG 0211 Z Hybrid-Irons are specifically designed for beginner and occasional players. They feature a unique, hollow-bodied construction that combines the distance-producing tech of a hybrid and the soaring ball-flight of an iron. These are PXG’s easiest to hit and the most-forgiving, highest-flying irons.

When it comes to the tee box, PXG’s 0211 Z Driver helps less-experienced players hit nukes straight down the fairway. For golfers with slower swing speeds, the carbon fiber clubhead design and patented dual internal cavity tech produce impressive loft off the tee and serious distance.

Budget Conscious:

Let’s be frank, golf is an expensive sport. So, if your golf spending habits are out of bounds, PXG offers premium clubs at unbeatable prices.

PXG’s 0211 XCOR2 Irons deliver consistency and incredible distance at a price you'll love. The 0211 Driver provides remarkable quality and performance for the cost of an 18-hole round at a cushy country club — only $199.99!

If you’re short on cash, your short game shouldn’t suffer. PXG’s 0311 3X Forged Wedges and 0211 Putters are versatile, forgiving, and a surefire way to shave strokes off your game.

Game Improvement:

We all know that guy who watches all the YouTube tutorials, grinds at the driving range, and still fights for par on every hole. (Cough, definitely not me, cough.)

PXG’s 0311 XP Irons are the ideal clubs for high handicappers. They feature precision weighting tech and a variable ultra-thin face, which provide extreme forgiveness, accuracy, and exceptional distance.

If you’re hooking and slicing your drives out of bounds, definitely take a look at PXG’s 0311 XF GEN6 Driver. These drivers literally outdrive the competition and score a 93% win rate against competitors. The larger head profile instills confidence during setup and is tailored for tight dispersion.

Player’s Distance:

Everyone wants to hit bombs like the pros, especially mid-to-low handicappers looking to take their game to the next level.

PXG makes gaining extra yards off the tee a breeze with its 0311 P GEN6 Irons. They feature an ultra-thin face and power channel technology — maximizing ball speed and carry distance.

The 0311 Black Ops Driver is an absolute weapon. Crafted with a titanium alloy face and carbon fiber crown and sole, this club delivers high launch and low spin for massive drives. The only hitch is waiting to hit your second shot after outdriving all of your golf buddies.

Tour Inspired:

For low handicappers seeking the most advanced clubs in the game, PXG carries tour-level irons, drivers, and wedges that are designed for high-level play.

When you’re already scoring low, choosing the right clubs is mostly based on preference. We recommend checking out PXG’s 0317 Filled Cavity (T) Irons, 0317 Cavity Back (CB) Irons, and 0317 (ST) Milled Blades. All of these clubs provide precision, distance, and consistency — and the best way to nail down what’s best for you is to have a mobile fitting or get fitted at a PXG store.

For those able to hit 2 irons, the PXG 0317 X Driving Iron is a powerful and dynamic club. With the option to adjust to a 1-iron or 3-iron loft, this club is terrific for tight fairways and extreme doglegs.

And when the fairway is wide or there’s a long par 5, the 0311 Black Ops Tour-1 Driver is the big stick designed for elite ball strikers. Used by pros around the world, this club features a compact, tour-inspired design with a deep face and a curved crown structure.

Final Thoughts:

No matter what type of golfer you are, PXG’s got the right setup for your game. The brand is breaking down barriers to golf with affordable, customizable, and innovative club collections.

PXG believes that every golfer deserves high-quality and high-performing equipment. So, don’t let your clubs hold you back – start upgrading your bag with PXG!