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A Password Manager Is The Most Convenient Way To Keep You Safe Online

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Do you keep your list of passwords-

A)in the notes app on your phone

B) in a journal locked in a safe

C)on random bits of paper you've thrown away over the years
D)in your mind, because you're still using 'mypassword123'?

If you choose any option A-D, you're headed for disaster. They're not only inconvenient methods, but also wildly unsafe. Most websites know that hackers can guess easy passwords, so you're required to include capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols ...all while making it a phrase that doesn't hold meaning or make sense! If you really follow the rules to make your password strong, it'll be too difficult to remember.

That's where Dashlane comes in - it's a service that allows you to securely store strong, unique passwords all in one place. It can't be hacked, and will automatically plug you in to all your favorite websites.

Here's how it can make your life easier.

No more trying to remember variations.

Let's be real - is every password just your first dog's name with a different combination of numbers and symbols at the end? Do you put off going to websites, knowing you'll have to try like 3 different versions before you get in? That's a huge mental load you can just take off your shoulders with a password service.

No more tearing apart your home looking for your passwords.

We've all come up with the most fun, clever, and secure password only to lose it the next day. Sure a 16-character acronym that references your favorite movie is fun, but when you can't remember the exact wording and what you capitalized the next day, it's not so fun.

Never settle for 'ilovedragons123.'

The most popular password is 123456, followed by 123456789, qwerty, and password. If your password is mega simple, or just a step up from mega simple, you're putting yourself at major risk. Using Dashlane, you won't have to deal with the taxing fallout from identity theft or fraudulent charges from password guessers.

No more lockouts.

You know when you've tried all but one of your go-to passwords, and you get locked out for 10 minutes before you can try to the final password? What a waste of time - get right in when your passwords autofill.

No more resetting.

You've tried everything. You've given up. And now, you have to reset your password. A minor inconvenience can go major when you realize your account is tied to an ancient email address.

Dashlane is a free service that's making the lives of internet users easier and more convenient. When you use Dashlane to come up with strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts to autofill, you can finally allow yourself to forget which accounts use 'cowboys4ever' vs. 'Cowboys4ever!'

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