Tesla EveConnect app now controls Insteon smart home plugs and more

Tesla owners can now run Insteon devices through the EVEConnect system — turning on their lights, rolling down the window shades and getting the house warmed up before they walk through the door after work.

Insteon's 200 and more products — from its Dimmer Switch to its Starter Kit — will now link through Tesla's EVEConnect, a network that's accessed through the car's web browser and already supports devices such as the Wink Hub and brands including SmartThings and Nest. Drivers will, however, need the Insteon Hub 2 to link up to Insteon products in their home.

To log on to EVE, drivers open the web browser on their Tesla dash and head to Teslaapp.net. Using EVEConnect is a part of EVE's premium subscription plan, which costs $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

Once active, EVE can create automations, simple controls that can run multiple actions, customized personally to a driver's needs. For example, the Leaving Home action can lock up a house and turn off the air conditioning to conserve energy.

Control of Insteon products comes through the EVEConnect's Version 2 — a software update to the system.

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