Tesla EveConnect app now controls Insteon smart home plugs and more

Tesla EveConnect app now controls Insteon smart home plugs and more

Run Insteon devices through the EV car's web browser

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Tesla owners can now run Insteon devices through the EVEConnect system — turning on their lights, rolling down the window shades and getting the house warmed up before they walk through the door after work.

Insteon's 200 and more products — from its Dimmer Switch to its Starter Kit — will now link through Tesla's EVEConnect, a network that's accessed through the car's web browser and already supports devices such as the Wink Hub and brands including SmartThings and Nest. Drivers will, however, need the Insteon Hub 2 to link up to Insteon products in their home.

To log on to EVE, drivers open the web browser on their Tesla dash and head to Teslaapp.net. Using EVEConnect is a part of EVE's premium subscription plan, which costs $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

Once active, EVE can create automations, simple controls that can run multiple actions, customized personally to a driver's needs. For example, the Leaving Home action can lock up a house and turn off the air conditioning to conserve energy.

Control of Insteon products comes through the EVEConnect's Version 2 — a software update to the system.

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