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How To Secure Your Business With Dashlane

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Recently, yet another breach was confirmed, and this time against major US government agencies and companies like Microsoft.

These are institutions built to be so strong and impenetrable, but even they can fall victim to cyber-attacks. With cyber threats increasing and hackers becoming more skilled, security is increasingly becoming a top priority for businesses.

Yet while companies continue to face increasing cybersecurity risks, many are unsure how and where to start. If you're looking to be proactive when it comes to your business' security, a password manager can help you secure your weakest link.

A password is the most crucial element to keeping your company's data secure—as well as the weakest link when it comes to data security, though only 31% of companies use a password-management solution to protect their data.

So what should you look for in a password manager?

Dashlane for businesses, offering AES-256 encryption and many other features is the best move you could make.

Want to know more about how Dashlane helps businesses? Here are the answers to your most pressing questions:

What business plans does Dashlane offer?

Dashlane provides the most-needed features for companies to understand and improve their digital security over time, without slowing down their business. Their two business plans are Dashlane Team and Dashlane Business.

The Dashlane Team plan is designed for companies of any size looking for a simple way to securely manage employee passwords and data. It's everything our customers loved about our previous business plan, plus a built-in public WiFi VPN for browsing privately on unsecure networks or to access country-specific content and websites.

The Dashlane Business plan includes everything in the Team plan plus our most-requested feature: single sign-on integration. This feature integrates Dashlane's advanced password management into an organization's existing suite of IT tools through single sign-on (SSO). This capability means a seamless login experience for employees and easier on- and offboarding processes for the IT admins who need to deploy and manage software. Plus, every Business plan user at an organization will automatically get free family accounts to give the ease and security of Dashlane to five other people—a $90 annual value.

How does it keep my business safe?

Password strength is key when it comes to defending your company. With Dashlanefor businesses, you can help employees choose a single secure password that they remember and then generates new iron-clad passwords for all the other sites they need to access.

Plus, employees can share their passwords with teams and individuals securely. This eliminates any risk from exchanging over sites like Gmail and Slack.

Is it easy to use?

Dashlane for businesses is incredibly streamlined and easy to use. Administrators can handle everything from a simple, but powerful console. They can oversee password health across the company, allowing them to give the nudge employees need to refresh their passwords.

A few clicks really do make all the difference when it comes to security and with Dashlane you can stay on top of it.

What kind of insights will it give me?

Beyond password health reports for employees, the dashboard gives admins insight into password strength problems and changes tracked over time. However, the best insights come from the Dark Web Monitoring feature.

Employees can add up to five email addresses, including their work email, for Dashlaneto continually monitor. If Dashlane finds any personal info or compromised data connected to those addresses somewhere it doesn't belong, employees are alerted immediately making your company safer.

Will my employees get anything else out of it?

While you'll benefit from Dashlane for businesses, your employees will too! Dashlane uses Smart Spaces to help employees separate personal and work information, keeping everything more organized. And there's no need to worry about privacy as admins can only monitor password health in the Business Space.

On top of all that, employees get a free Family account so their data can stay secure 24/7. It's a win-win.

How much is it?

You can set your business up with the best armor for as low as $5 a month. Investing in safety now will not only bring you peace of mind but also secure your company's future.

While the world is unpredictable, your business' security doesn't have to be. Thanks to Dashlane you can feel confident that you're protecting your company and employees all with one powerful tool.

Get security now with Dashlanefor businesses and rest assured your company's got the suit of armor it needs in this day and age.

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