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The Perfect Investment Piece You Will Never Regret

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One life lesson that can only be taught with time is quality over quantity. When you're young, broke, and just want to have a good time this rule certainly doesn't come into play. But as we are forced to start adulting, we quickly start to learn the hard way. After a few cheap purchases that yield zero value and minimal use, we realize the value of high-quality, well-made goods.

The overall lesson; investment pieces are the way to go. The ultimate investment piece for your home and your body is arguably your bed, in particular your mattress. We spend almost 26 years of our lives in it so if that isn't enough of a reason to get a good one, I don't know what is!

On the search for the mattress worth our 26 years, we discovered the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep. It is a cooling mattress with cutting-edge technology to give you the most comfortable and effective night's sleep. With 80% of Americans suffering from temperature issues during sleep, a cooling mattress could solve it all, and why not go for the best that offers so much more than just temperature control.

The Pod Pro has a temperature range between 55℉ and 110℉, dual cooling zones to control the temperature on either side of the bed separately. It reacts to changes in the environment or your body temperature to maintain the optimal temperature for you to get to sleep and stay asleep all night. And you can say goodbye to that dreaded phone alarm, as the Pod Pro wakes you up gently and naturally by reducing the temperature - The most blissful way to wake up.

The Pod Pro has 5 layers of premium foam that's 12 inches deep for the ideal support in all the right places. And the Comfort Blend™ technology is integrated with the Active Grid for pressure-point relief and enhanced comfort. The Active Grid is also wired with sensors that track vitals such as your heart rate, breathing, sleep cycles, and HRV as you sleep. All this biometric data is fed into an algorithm so that the Pod Pro more effectively calibrates exactly what your body needs to stay asleep each night.

Eight Sleep refers to this as sleep fitness. You can view your biometrics on the Eight Sleep app so you can learn more about your sleep patterns and how it impacts your waking hours. No matter where you are you can control everything right from your phone with the app, which even includes meditation features! Connect the Pod Pro to your smart coffee machine and have your coffee made for you as soon as you get out of bed.

The Pod Pro is the mattress with everything and more. It's a great investment for tech and fitness junkies alike along with anyone who has issues falling or staying asleep, or simply anyone who wants to maximize their sleep to get the most out of the day. Who doesn't want that?

With so many financing options, such as $80 per month for 36 months and 0% APR, the Pod Pro is the easiest investment piece you will ever purchase. Invest in the Pod Pro and get ready to feel the full benefits of a great night's sleep every night.

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