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How To Get Your Hands On This Must-Have Wallet

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What are the makings of a great accessory? Sleek? Stylish? Practical?

Up until now, you've probably had to sacrifice at least one of the above. But Ekster, the brand that marries technology, functionality, and classic aesthetics has knocked it out of the park with its latest offering: their Aluminum Card Holder.

Cash is becoming obsolete for so many reasons. The whole world is going smart, so why shouldn't accessories? Ekster's newest addition to their family of tech-ccessories is their ultra-slim cardholder designed for maximum card storage.

The Aluminum Card Holder has an innovative expandable backplate that allows you to carry more cards without having to worry about it being bulky - it fits all the essentials without weighing down your pockets.

Made from space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, this cardholder is built to last. It may be different from the classic leather style you're used to, but the aluminum material lends a modern sophistication we haven't seen from any other brand.

Ekster's slimmest wallet yet carries up to 12 cards, and even comes equipped with an integrated RFID blocking layer that fends off data skimmers. One click of a button will eject your cards for easy access, saving you time and giving this card holder a modern, futuristic look.

Available in 10 trendy colorways, the Aluminum Card Holder is being hailed as the Apple of wallets. Ekster has separated themselves from generic wallet brands making their customers a promise; never lose your wallet again!

The addition of their credit card-sized tracker card, which fits perfectly in any of their products, means you never have to worry about misplacing your wallet again. Simply use your phone to locate it and see where you last had it on a map.

A two-way ringing feature even allows you to call your wallet from your phone, and vice versa. And even if you are out of range from where you last left your wallet, Ekster's Crowd-GPS technology can still locate it for you. This solar-powered wonder only requires 3 hours of sunlight for two months of charge.

Ekster has got you covered by offering everything from laptop sleeves and phone cases, to an extensive range of beautifully made wallets.

The Ekster Aluminum Card Holder is the future of wallets! Get your hands on this ultra-modern, practical wallet - and save 20% on your entire purchase at checkout!

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