How Hint Water Tamed My Sweet Tooth

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I have a major sugar addiction. During a normal day, it's not unusual for me to eat several cookies, a pack of Starburst washed down with a bottle of Coke. Things were getting bad- I was waking up in the morning with a headache that wouldn't budge without a piece of chocolate or a swig of lemonade. I had to make a change - giving up sugar entirely was out of the question, but I was looking for a few simple swaps like cashews instead of a candy bar and flavored water instead of soda. The latter was particularly tough, until I came across Hint.

Hint is a fruit infused beverage that contains zero calories, diet sweeteners or preservatives. The founder and CEO, Kara Goldin, developed Hint when she was trying to kick a diet-soda habit. After realizing there were no other alternatives on the market, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She figured out that if she boiled the peel of the fruit in water, she would end up with all the fruit flavors and none of the calories, additives or diet sweeteners. When the fruit peel is boiled, the oils are infused in the water, giving it all of the flavor without the sugar. After just 3 weeks of replacing her soda with her new flavored water, she lost 24 pounds, her skin cleared, and her energy was back. I was eager to try Hint since I not only knew it had all natural flavors, but could also curb my crazy sugar cravings - it was far easier to say no to the 3pm cookies.

With so many different flavors from Watermelon to Blackberry, Hint has become my go-to drink and I never get bored of drinking it. I still love to indulge in my favorite sweets on the weekend, but Hint has really allowed me to be more disciplined during the week. Their website offers a huge variety of flavors, and you can start by trying 3 cases of their top selling flavors for just $39, which is 35% off and you get FREE shipping! It's great to know that I can always grab a bottle anytime to enjoy great tasting water without anything artificial.

I can confidently say drinking Hint has helped tame my sweet tooth. If you need a bit of great taste in your day, Hint is guaranteed to hit the spot. The added hydration is a total bonus!

UPDATE 4/4/19: The folks at Hint are offering a special promotion to our readers! Follow this link to get 35% off PLUS free shipping!

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