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Google Shuts Down Nest Secure Support: Alternatives for Current Users

Explore Replacement Options for Nest Secure Users as Google Ends Support.

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As of April 8, 2024, Google shut down support for the Nest Secure alarm system, which has left many users wondering about their next steps and alternatives. So, we decided to help Nest Secure users find an alternative to their DIY home security system. It will also help our users understand what Nest Secure was, how it functioned, and what current systems they can consider as replacements for their old Nest Secure system.

Understanding Nest Secure

Google stops selling the Nest Secure security system from its store

Launched in 2017, Nest Secure was designed as a DIY smart home security system that aimed to provide a comprehensive solution for home safety without the complexities and costs associated with traditional security services. The system centered around the Nest Guard, a small tabletop device that functioned as the alarm, keypad, and motion sensor hub. It communicated wirelessly with various components, including Nest Detect sensors on doors and windows to monitor room opening and closing movements and motion.

Nest Secure stood out due to its integration with the broader Nest ecosystem and Google Assistant. Users could use voice commands or the Nest app to arm and disarm the system. The system was praised for its ease of use, sleek design, and seamless integration with other Nest products, such as cameras and smoke detectors, providing users with a fully connected smart home experience.

How Nest Secure Worked

Nest Secure smart alarm systemNest Secure smart alarm systemGoogle Nest

The core of the Nest Secure system was the Nest Guard. This main hub was connected to the home's Wi-Fi to communicate with other Nest devices and the Nest mobile app. Users could arm and disarm the system directly from the keypad on the Nest Guard, through the app, or by using a Nest Tag, a small fob that could be placed on a keychain and tapped on the Nest Guard as a simpler alternative to entering a passcode.

The system included various modes such as "Away and Guarding," "Home and Guarding," and "Off," which allowed customization based on whether the home was occupied. Nest Secure also offered a "Quiet Open" feature, which let users open a door. At the same time, the system armed without triggering the alarm, adding a layer of convenience for scenarios like letting out a pet.

Google’s Decision to Discontinue Nest Secure

Google apologizes for ‘secret’ microphone in Nest Secure home alarm systemNest

In October 2020, Google announced it would no longer manufacture Nest Secure, though it promised to continue supporting existing systems. This decision was part of Google's broader strategy to streamline its product lineup and possibly integrate more of its home security features with other Google ecosystem products. While no specific reason was provided, industry analysts speculate that competition in the DIY home security market and the challenges of maintaining multiple overlapping smart home systems could have influenced Google's decision.

As of April 8, 2024, there will no longer be support for this service.

Options for Replacing Nest Secure

For current Nest Secure users, there are several viable alternatives to consider:

Google’s Nest Products:

Google Nest Hub MaxGoogle is unlikely to upgrade its Nest displays again until at least the fall Google

Google continues to offer other Nest products, such as cameras and smart doorbells, that provide security features. Users may choose to integrate these with Google routines or use them alongside other Google Home devices.

ADT Self Setup:

a photo of a smartphone showing ADT app and an ADT Hub next to the smartphoneADT Self-Setup Home Security. ADT

The ADT Self-Setup home security system offers an easy-to-install solution ideal for former Nest Secure customers. It supports many smart home devices, including Google Nest smart displays, speakers, video doorbells, and cameras. It can be controlled via the ADT mobile app. With flexible service plans and no long-term contracts, it provides reliable security and the freedom to customize your setup.

Ring Alarm System:

Ring Alarm 5 piece kit (2nd Gen)Ring Ring

Offered by Amazon, Ring Alarm is a comprehensive home security system with functionalities similar to Nest Secure. It includes a base station, contact sensors, motion detectors, and a keypad. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, making it a solid choice for users who prefer voice control functionalities. (Read our full review.)

SimpliSafe Home Security System:

a photo of SimpliSafe's new Smart Alarm CameraSimpliSafe's new Indoor Smart Alarm Camera SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe offers one of the most versatile and easy-to-install home security systems, comparable to Nest Secure. It features various packages, including entry sensors, motion sensors, a base station, and keypad controls. SimpliSafe systems are also equipped with professional monitoring options, which do not require long-term contracts.

Abode Smart Security Kit:

a photo of Abode Security KitAbode Securit Kit Abode

Abode is a smart home security system that supports many smart home integrations, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. Like Nest Secure, it offers flexibility in monitoring, allowing for on-demand, short-term, and long-term professional monitoring plans. Last year, the company launched an affordable entry-level DIY home security system.

Buy Abode Security Kit

Arlo Home Security System

Arlo Home Security System photo Arlo Home Security SystemArlo

The Arlo Home Security System is an excellent alternative for former Nest Secure customers, offering customizable whole-home protection and easy to install without contracts. Priced at $129.99 for a 2-sensor package and $199.99 for a 5-sensor package, it features a Multi-Sensor capable of 8 functions, including motion, door/window openings, and environmental hazards, and a Keypad Sensor Hub that acts as the control center with a built-in siren and additional sensors. The system ensures ongoing protection with optional battery and cellular backups and subscribers to the Arlo Safe and Secure plan benefit from 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency response services.

Arlo Total Security

a photo of Arlo total security sensor hubArlo Total Security's Sensor HubArlo

For those seeking an inclusive package, Arlo Total Security starts at $9.99 monthly for 36 months. It encompasses the Home Security System with professional monitoring, emergency alerts, and direct dispatch services to handle various emergencies. This tiered service offers comprehensive protection and peace of mind for various potential security concerns.

Buy on Amazon

DIY Smart Home Security:

Aqara Camera Hub G2H, Motion Sensor and vibration sensor on an end table.Aqara Home devices are small and easy to hide, but can still protect your smart home. GearBrain

For those who prefer a more customized approach, building a DIY smart home security system with individual components like smart cameras, sensors, and an intelligent hub (like Aqara, Samsung SmartThings, or a Raspberry Pi) might be the way to go. This option allows for tailored security measures but requires more tech-savviness to set up and maintain. Here are a few companies we suggest you take a look at to see if they will fit your DIY smart home security system needs:

  • Aqara (read our full review to learn more about this DIY smart home security system.)
  • Swann - also offers NVR/DVR home surveillance systems
  • Wyze (Learn more about this system from our review.)
  • If you use Amazon Alexa as your smart home hub, you can use the cameras and video doorbells from these companies as sensors to help you protect the inside and outside of your home:
  • Noorio (GearBrain is testing these cameras and will report what we find. It is worth a good look based on early testing results.)
  • TP-Link's Tapo


While the discontinuation of Nest Secure marks the end of an era for Google’s smart home security system, it opens the door for exploring new and potentially more advanced options. Whether transitioning to another off-the-shelf product or assembling a bespoke security system, current Nest Secure users have a range of choices to secure their homes effectively. The key is choosing a system that meets your security needs and integrates smoothly with your existing smart home ecosystem.

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