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Comcast Debuts NOW: Innovative Internet and Mobile for Modern Consumers

Comcast's NOW Unlocks Reliable Connectivity with Prepaid Internet and Exclusive Mobile WiFi Access.

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Today, Comcast announced the launch of NOW, an innovative brand delivering a fresh suite of Internet, mobile, and streaming TV services that cater to the modern consumer's desire for flexibility and reliability. The NOW Internet service disrupts the status quo by providing a prepaid, fixed broadband alternative that guarantees better reliability than fixed wireless solutions, with the added benefit of competitive pricing. Users can select from speed tiers of 100 Mbps or 200 Mbps, ensuring fast and dependable online access.

Boldly entering the prepaid mobile market, NOW Mobile is the only service providing unlimited 5G data and exclusive access to over 23 million WiFi hotspots nationwide. This new offering enriches the existing spectrum of Xfinity services, offering diverse solutions to meet every customer's unique needs and lifestyles.

Harnessing the strength of the renowned Xfinity network and bolstered by the nation's most reliable 5G technology, NOW pledges a steadfast connection. NOW's product lineup is crafted for simplicity and transparency, featuring straightforward pricing without the need for contracts or credit checks. Customers enjoy the liberty to sign up, modify, or cancel their services online at their convenience.

"Consumers have told us they want low-cost, easy-to-use connectivity and entertainment options that deliver the same reliability and consistency of our leading Xfinity services," said Dave Watson, President and CEO of Connectivity and Platforms, Comcast. "With NOW, we've developed a new product construct from the ground up to be simple and easy for anybody who wants Internet, mobile or TV on their own terms without sacrificing quality. It rounds out our product offering to provide something for every consumer segment of the market and plays to our strengths in superior network capabilities, WiFi, and streaming."

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NOW's comprehensive portfolio features NOW Internet and Mobile alongside NOW TV and NOW WiFi Pass, creating an extensive collection of accessible products.

  • NOW Internet offers two prepaid packages: 100 Mbps for a monthly fee of $30 and 200 Mbps for $45/month. Both packages feature unlimited data, and an included Xfinity gateway.
  • NOW Mobile provides an exceptional wireless experience for just $25/line, uniquely integrated with Xfinity's vast network of hotspots.
  • NOW TV, tailored for Xfinity Internet users, includes a rich selection of live and on-demand content, plus Peacock Premium, all for $20/month.
  • NOW WiFi Pass, at $20 for 30 days, unlocks unlimited hotspot access across Xfinity's extensive WiFi network.

Amidst the winding down of the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), NOW is a significant new avenue for ACP participants to maintain affordable and reliable connectivity. It complements Comcast's Internet Essentials programs and the broader array of Xfinity services.

Customer trials of NOW Internet and Mobile have commenced in selected regions, with a full-scale national rollout in Comcast service areas on the horizon. NOW TV and WiFi Pass are available across all Comcast areas.

By bridging the gap between quality and affordability, Comcast's NOW is poised to transform how customers engage with Internet and mobile services, offering a trusted and cost-effective choice that resonates with the pace and pattern of today's digital-centric lifestyle.

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