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The revelation that nearly 50 million personal accounts were compromised in the recent Facebook hacking is a big reminder to get smart about digital security. Increasingly, many of us have dozens of apps on our smartphones with logins connecting to social media accounts like Facebook, or that have access to our banking accounts. While this might seem efficient, this kind of interconnectivity does put more of our personal data at risk. Creating difficult passwords for each individual account would be the safest path to digital security; but the question is, how can we keep track of so many hard-to-guess passwords?

The best advice for keeping your passwords safe used to be strong password creation; a random string of letters, numbers, and symbols, written down on paper for safe keeping. But as more of our daily life is online, it's becoming harder to keep track of everything. Not to mention the downsides of physically writing down passwords, like trying to access your account while you're using a different device or a smudged letter and water stain on your aging piece of paper. Lately, there's always something on the news about another big box store getting hacked, including ones that store our personal information. On average, 30,000 websites and services are hacked every day, and in 2016 alone there were more than 15 million identities stolen. Big names like Yahoo and Uber had massive security breaches in 2016. It was when discussing the Facebook hack that my friend said I should use Dashlane, a free app that securely stores and manages your passwords.

What is Dashlane?

Dashlane is a password management software that manages all of you passwords for you, so you don't have to. And it doesn't just stop there - not only does it remember and autofill your passwords for you, but it also ensures that your passwords are strong and secure.

How secure is Dashlane?

As secure as it gets! Dashlane uses a "Zero Knowledge Architecture." What this means is you create one master password that is stored offline, and not even their engineers have access to it. Dashlane secures all data using the highest level of encryption which protects you from phishing or remote attacks.

What happens if Dashlane is hacked?

If Dashlane is hacked, it would be like breaking into a bank building but having no access to the vaults with your data inside. You're protected from every angle.

Does it just remember my passwords or is there more?

There's more! Dashlane manages your passwords across multiple devices in real-time and can autofill your shipping address and credit card information to make online shopping easier than ever. It even stores receipts so you have everything securely saved in one place.

What happens if a big company like Facebook is hacked again?

Dashlane will notify you if there's been a security breach and will prompt a two-click password change, so you won't have to pay for someone else's mistake.

Why is Dashlane better than the rest?

It's free! With 10 million trusted users worldwide, they're doing something right. Give them a try for free today and stop worrying about your security.

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