a photo of the myQ Smart Indoor Camera on a mantal and a smartphone showing live feed from the indoor camera in the myQ app.

Chamberlain Unveils the myQ Smart Indoor Camera for Enhanced Home Monitoring

A smart garage door controller is essential for today's smart home with a garage. And pairing it with your home security system or security cameras is critical to creating a secure home security system. Today, Chamberlain Group, a global leader in intelligent access solutions, which includes the myQ Smart Garage Door Controller, is proud to unveil its latest innovation—the myQ Smart Indoor Camera. This new addition to the myQ Smart Access Ecosystem ensures that homeowners can now monitor the inside of their homes with ease and precision, all through the user-friendly myQ app.

Expanding the myQ Ecosystem

Jackie Lorenty, Chamberlain Group's Executive Vice President of Residential Services & International, highlights the new Smart Indoor Camera's value to the myQ ecosystem. She notes, "We continue to expand the value of our myQ ecosystem with the new Smart Indoor Camera, which provides homeowners line of sight to all activity in their home through features like person detection, motion detection, and preview notifications. This new innovation will tell you who's home, what's happening, and when, so you can feel rest assured you're in the know."

myQ Smart Indoor Camera works with myQ app to view live videos inside your home. Chamberlain

Key Features of the myQ Smart Indoor Camera

  1. Crystal-Clear Clarity: The camera offers 1080p full HD resolution, providing incredible detail that ensures no activity is missed, whether during the day or night.
  2. Wide-Angle Vision: Equipped with a 130° wide-angle lens, the camera captures every corner, offering comprehensive monitoring with just a glance.
  3. Smart Detection: Homeowners receive real-time movement notifications, which can be customized within detection zones. This feature helps monitor people, pets, and other movements effectively.
  4. Customized Communication: Users can tailor notification settings to receive updates based on specific needs, ensuring essential events do not go unnoticed.
  5. 2-Way Audio: The camera includes two-way audio functionality, allowing homeowners to communicate directly with family members or pets from anywhere.
  6. Secure Video Storage: Videos are securely stored and easily accessible, allowing homeowners to review recordings as needed.
  7. Easy Installation: The camera is designed for easy setup with integrated Bluetooth and includes a fully adjustable mount for tabletops and shelves.

Holistic Home Monitoring

myQ Smart Indoor Camera comes with facial detection. Chamberlain

The myQ Smart Indoor Camera is part of a broader ecosystem that includes the myQ Smart Garage Control, the myQ Smart Garage Camera, and the award-winning myQ Smart Garage Video Keypad. This ecosystem provides holistic monitoring and access control from the garage to the inside of the home, all managed by the myQ app.

Differences: myQ Smart Garage Camera vs myQ Smart Indoor Camera

For those of you who own a myQ Smart Garage Camera, we want to help you understand the differences between myQ's smart security cameras. The new myQ Smart Indoor Camera is unlike the myQ Smart Garage Camera which is designed for garage environments, including extreme temperatures, and mounts magnetically to garage door openers. The Smart Indoor Camera is tailored for indoor use. It has a stand mount, making it ideal for placement anywhere inside the home. This focus on indoor settings allows the Smart Indoor Camera to complement the garage camera by providing a seamless view of the home's interior, ensuring no area is left unmonitored.

Users can set up detection zones in the myQ app for myQ Smart Indoor Camera Chamberlain

Also, there is a price difference between these two MyQ smart security cameras. The MyQ Smart Garage Camera has an MSRP of $49.99, and the new MyQ Smart Indoor Camera lists for $39.99. Both are available on the company site today. The MyQ Smart Garage Camera is also available on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and other major online retailers.

Buy myQ Smart Indoor Camera.

For those interested in enhancing their home monitoring systems, the myQ Smart Indoor Camera represents a significant advancement in the realm of smart home technology. To explore more about this innovative product and other solutions Chamberlain Group offers, visit www.myQ.com. Follow Chamberlain Group on LinkedIn and Instagram to stay updated on the latest developments and offerings.

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