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GearBrain Makes Buying Smart Home Devices Easier on Amazon

See how we can help save you time finding and buying smart devices on Amazon, especially if looking for compatible devices on Amazon.

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Buying a smart device today on Amazon can be very challenging. Even if you know what you want, Amazon doesn't make it easy, especially during the peak holiday shopping season. The selection of smart devices can be overwhelming to many buyers. This article will show you how GearBrain and our product find engine, The GearBrain, can save you time on your next Amazon shopping spree. We will demonstrate that our platform can help you find, buy, and connect any smart devices more effectively than any other source, especially if you are looking for smart devices that will work with your existing smart home setup.

How do we make it easier for you?

Our product find engine contains all the vital product information, including compatibility, to help you purchase a smart or connected device. Our platform also allows you to search for these products using 300+ product attributes. So, you can actually find the product you want without having to spend endless hours clicking on links to articles or watching videos that are not relevant.

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We Understand the Challenges of Buying Smart Devices

In a recent report by Parks Associates, "A unified smart home experience is the holy grail of convenience and value for consumers, but fragmentation and interoperability issues still plague the smart home industry." And Z-Wave Alliance released its 2023 Ecosystem Report on global smart home devices, reporting interoperability with existing products is a top requirement for future purchases across all three EU countries and the U.S. market. The importance of interoperability increases exponentially as more devices are owned. In the U.S. alone, 54% of device owners consider interoperability important in their next purchase. Solving for interoperability is key to success, but it is not easy to do.

Our platform is designed to solve this interoperability problem and provide users full transparency before purchasing on any retailer or manufacturer's site. It's also designed to help narrow your search and find the smart device on any major retailer site, especially Amazon, faster than if you went to their site and tried to search for the product or used a search engine. As you saw in our video above, we can make buying a smart home device like smart locks easier on Amazon.

In addition, our platform can help you find smart devices that are compatible with your existing devices in your home. All you have to do is sign in and tell us what devices you have in your home. Then you can search for compatible products based on all your products stored in your MyGear section. There is no cost, and we provide access to all vital product information, like the owner's manual, warranties, and how-to videos, for you to access whenever you need help answering a question or need a part number.

So, the next time you are in the market for a smart device, come to GearBrain and use The GearBrain. Our platform will help you narrow down your consideration set and provide direct links to Amazon product pages for you to buy. It will also ensure that the product you are buying is compatible with the smart home device you plan to integrate with your smart home.

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