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myQ Introduces First Smart Garage Video Keypad for Smart Homes

myQ combines the features of video doorbell and keypad into smart garage door opener for smart homes.

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GearBrain likes to see new smart devices come to market that is easy to understand, simple to install, and can solve a consumer's problem. Today, myQ launched the first smart garage video keypad called myQ Smart Garage Video Keypad. It is a smart device with features found in a video doorbell and a garage keypad (numeric pad mounted outside the garage door). It can help users see and control who opens your home's busiest entryway, the garage.

"Over the past ten years, millions of homes have added a video doorbell to their front door, letting homeowners see and interact with visitors," said Jackie Lorenty, Chamberlain Group's Executive VicePresident, Residential Services & International. "However, in most homes, family members don't enter through the front door; they enter through the garage door. The Smart Garage Video Keypad provides peace of mind for your real "front door" with continuous monitoring and secure access control."

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Today, more than 70% of U.S. homes with attached garages use the garage door as the primary entry point for family and friends. Unlike the widely adopted video doorbell that only lets you monitor your home, the Smart Garage Video Keypad lets you monitor who is coming and going (kids, friends, extended family), plus manage and control who you let in (dog walker, service provider) – anytime, from anywhere. The Smart Garage Video Keypad works with the highly rated and free myQ app, where you can create and manage personalized PIN codes, set limits on days and times codes can be used, get notifications when the garage is accessed, and be alerted when someone or something is detected in your driveway.

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"The Video Keypad is a must-have smart home product that's especially helpful for busy families," said Lorentz. "My kids often fail to text me when they get home. Reliable myQ notifications replace forgetful texts and eliminate any worries around the kids getting home safely."

Visitors can use the call button on the Smart Garage Video Keypad to make calls, just like a video doorbell. When homeowners receive a myQ notification that someone is calling, they can access a live video stream and communicate with the caller using the device's two-way communication. Then, they can instantly let the person in by opening the garage door remotely through the myQ app.

The first-of-its-kind smart home device boasts advanced technology. Its built-in camera quickly detects motion (within less than 500 milliseconds) and provides an ultra-wide 160º field-of-view around the garage so you can see and know when people are approaching the garage from your driveway. Additionally, the device is future-ready and supports edge-based AI technologies. The ability to control access, stream live video, and detect motion is free through the myQ app. Additional features like PersonDetection, rich notifications, and video storage can be accessed through a Video Subscription Plan, which is free for the first 30 days.

a photo of myQ Smart Garage Video Keypad and smartphone showing myQ app Control myQ Smart Garage Video Keypad with myQ app on your smartphone or mobile device.myQ

The Smart Garage Video Keypad is outdoor rated and features a premium white finish that compliments any home's aesthetics. The DIY product takes minutes to set up with the myQ app. All that is needed for installation is a Wi-Fi connection and the myQ app to take you through the step-by-step process.

Part of the myQ Smart Access Ecosystem, you get added control and convenience when you pair the Smart Garage Video Keypad with a myQ-connected garage door opener. See who is at the garage and use the app to open/close the garage door from anywhere – no PIN codes are needed. myQ is available with LiftMaster and Chamberlain smart garage door openers or easily integrated within other leading opener brands by using a myQ Smart Garage Control device. Look up to see if your garage door opener already has myQ technology. If there is a myQ logo and a Wi-Fi logo, or it says "powered by myQ" on your garage door opener, download the myQ app and follow the steps to connect your opener(s) for a complete smart home access solution.

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Over the next few weeks, we look forward to testing this new smart device from myQ. So far, it has a lot of promises since many video doorbells don't necessarily cover the area in front of garages. Having a video doorbell-like device outside your garage door would be great. It will help you monitor who is coming and going and who is lurking around. And the price is equivalent to what you would pay for another video doorbell. You have to make sure you have a Chamberlain, Liftmaster, or one of the other compatible smart garage door openers installed inside your garage.

Don't forget to use GearBrain's product find engine to see what other smart devices work with myQ Smart Access Ecosystem.

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