What works with Samsung SmartThings

See the full list of compatible devices that will work with your Samsung SmartThings Hub or any SmartThings connected device or appliance

Do you currently own an Samsung SmartThings connected device? Are you thinking about getting a Samsung SmartThings hub or one of its smart plugs and want to know which smart home products will work with it seamlessly in your smart home? If so, we’ve created The GearBrain, a compatibility checker which shows you which smart devices play nicely with Samsung SmartThings devices, including SmartThings Hub, Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security Starter Kit and the rest of the SmartThings smart gadgets and kits.

The GearBrain can easily show you which smart devices work with Samsung SmartThings and the other smart gadgets or kits running on the SmartThings platform. To start, select a product category from the dropdown filter to bring up every smart device that works with Samsung SmartThings. You'll be able to read reviews, find relevant content from the editors of GearBrain like How To’s and news updates — as well as locate and buy the item online. Let’s get started.

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Samsung’s CEO has long targeted 2020 as the year all Samsung devices would be connected. But the company recently said they were ahead of schedule, and believe by the end of 2019, they could be have all devices able to talk to each other under the Samsung brand. It’s a bold ambition but speaks to Samsung’s commitment to the smart home space.

SmartThings is a smart platform, launched by Samsung, to let devices from lights to locks work together. If these products can connect to SmartThings, then they can connect to each other. That allows you to enhance how your home can work, from having your Philips Hue lights turn on in your living room if motion is detected outside, or locking a door at night just by asking out loud. There’s even a way to monitor your SmartThings devices from your Tesla dashboard or Subaru. Of course, with SmartThings under the Samsung umbrella, many of your Samsung appliance will work with the system as well, including Samsung refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, and robot vacuums.

In order for everything to work smoothly — to speak the same language — a SmartThings Hub is needed. Once installed, and connected to products that work with SmartThings, you can get started. Devices speak to the Hub through Z-Wave and ZigBee, two wireless technologies, connecting to radio antennae inside the controller. Some Samsung devices, like its outlets, as well as its motion and water leak sensors, have Zigbee chips. Other brands that have products that work with SmartThings, may use those Zigbee chips or connect to the Hub through Z-Wave. 

SmartThings also integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which means you can run your SmartThings smart home just by making requests out loud. All you need is a device with one of these smart assistants inside, like a Google Home for Google Assistant or an Amazon Echo for Alexa.

Running your home through SmartThings is simple once you know which devices will work on its network and connect to each other. The possibilities are endless.