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Photo of Miku app showing a baby sleeping with breathing being monitored on the app

Best Connected and Smart Baby Gear for Today's Smart Home Family

Here is the best smart baby devices we have tested which can help you monitor your child while sleeping as well as help soothe them when they get cranky.

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When we were young, our parents didn't have any devices to help them calm a screaming baby or measure a baby's blood oxygen levels. Today, the modern world is high-tech and smarter than ever. The exciting gizmos and gadgets we are bringing into our smart homes are making lives better and more connected with each passing day. And the gear isn't only for the teens and adults. Kids and even newborn babies can reap the benefits of the magic of smart connected devices. These items are our picks for the best in connected baby gear for children 0 and up. Read on to find out what all the "rattle" is about.

Best Connected Smart Baby Tech and Gear for Smart

Best Smart Baby Monitor - Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor with Wall Mount Kit

Photo of Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor unboxed.

Miku Pro Smart Baby.Monitor Review


A comfy and intellectual smart monitor is a need for every parent. The $399 smart monitor by Miku is an effortless gear that comes contactless with multiple sensors. It is an easy-to-set-up gear that effortlessly monitors even your baby's breathing and sleeps patterns.

Now your baby can stay within your sight without the need for wearables and heavy equipment. Miku Pro is entirely safe for your child, and it is HSA and FSA approved. Any situation, clothing, and lighting, you can effortlessly monitor your baby's movements with the MIKU app from your mobile. Since it measures the RPM (respiration per minute), it shows your baby's health as well.

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor is available on the company website as well as Amazon, Best Buy, Target and eBay. The company also sells Miku Pro accessories on its site. You can purchase a floor stand for $99 or an extra power supply for Miku Pro for $15. They also sell the wall mount kit for the Miku Pro for $15.

Looking to learn more? Check out our full review of Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor.


  • Exceptional video resolution
  • SensorFusion technology – monitors breathing and sleep patterns without a wearable
  • 30 days free video and data storage
  • Large selection of built-in sounds and lullabies


  • Price
  • No smart display integrations with Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Connectivity issues
  • Videos only record for 30 seconds

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Best Smart Sock - Owlet Dream Duo - Smart Sock and Camera

Photo of Owlet Dream Duo and Sock on a countertop

Owlet Dream Duo and Sock


The smart combo of Owlet Dream Duo sock and camera duo at $399 is an AI-assisted gear for baby monitoring. The high-tech gear gives accurate and customized data. In addition to monitoring the sleep pattern, it also observes and monitors the environment. It helps you adjust the temperature and the surrounding sounds to give your baby a peaceful sleep.

The advanced tech comes with sleep assist prompts to let you know when your child is disturbed and needs your attention. It is also a complete sleep learning program for the new parents enabled by the Digital coach feature. The Owlet sock is soft on your little one and fabric-made, and the cam with high resolution sends the audio and video right on your phone through the dream app.

Owlet Dream Duo is available on the company website and Amazon. You can choose the color of the Owlet sock which comes in three colors: mint, deep sea green and dusty rose. Individual Dream Socks cost $40.


  • Includes both a camera and a sock to monitor a baby's vitals and room details as well
  • Easy installation
  • 30-Night Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Price
  • Smartphone doubles as the monitor

Learn more by visiting our full review of Owlet Dream Duo.

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Best Smart Bassinet - Snoo Smart Bassinet

Photo of Snoo in a bedroomSnoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet reviewGearBrain

Rock-a-bye your baby with the smart gear from the hands of renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp. Snoo's Smart bassinet smart bed can calm your baby's fuzziness in less than a year. Every parent with an infant needs a break to sleep, eat, shower, or maybe some alone time to relax, and Snoo offers exactly that with an automatic responsive system. In addition, it secures the child with controlled swaddling. It is hence ideal for 0-5 months or before they start moving on their knees. It allows customized settings depending on the child's age and gives sleep reports in desired intervals.

Last but not least, it comes with the sleep tips from the creator and can be accessed from Snoo's mobile app.

The Snoo is not cheap. The Snoo is available for purchase on the company's website and Amazon in the U.S. and United Kingdom for $1,595. You can also rent one for $159 per month, with a one-month minimum. There is also a $60 charge for shipping the Snoo back to the company when you rent one.


  • Can rent
  • Secures a baby from rolling over
  • Automated responsiveness and weaning mode
  • Transitional swaddles


  • The device is expensive
  • Incomplete sleep tracking
  • If renting, you need to save the box which is big.

To know more about this handy and smart bed, check out our full review of Snoo Smart Bassinet.

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Best All in One HD Monitor and Sleep Tracker - Nanit Pro

Photo of Nanit Camera mounted on the wall.

Nanit Pro also reads the temperature and humidity in a room


Monitoring your baby's sleep, health, growth, and keeping your baby accessible all the time, Nanit all-in-one HD Monitor and sleep tracker is what a parent should ask for! The HD camera monitors your child tirelessly, works with Wi-Fi connection, and communicates your child's movement even when the internet is down.

The baby wear helps to track the amount of sleep your baby gets every day, and the smart sheet tracks your baby's height. At any given point, it gives the progressive development of the child's health, and to add to the glory, it is Alexa enabled. It is interactive; it says a morning hello and sings night lullabies. The wall mount stand is portable, and the camera stays well out of your baby's reach! You can create a parental community through the app and get tips for sleep.

Nanit Pro costs $299 with a wall mount or $379 with a floor stand. Both are available on the company website and Amazon.


  • Hear sound from baby's room on your smartphone when screen's locked
  • Good wide angle viewing, and no glare for lights in night vision
  • Good sleep tips and data, plus a reliable app


  • Cost – can get expensive when you start adding accessories
  • Sensitive motion tracking – could cause false alerts
  • Need to purchase Breathing wear to monitor baby's breathing

Check out our full review of Nanit Plus on GearBrain.

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Best Smart Swing - mamaRoo4 Smart Infant Swing

Photo of mamaroo4 Smart Swing in a living room with baby inserts.

mamaRoo4 Smart Infant Swing


A helping hand and a smart caretaker to help you on tough days! The mamaRoo smart sings the essence of the mother's movement. The study-backed gear comes with five movements that replicate the movement of the parents and hence are more soothing to the baby. It also has 5 speeds that can be adjusted for your child's mood. It is ideal when you feel like giving a rest to your arms while entertaining your baby with the interactive toys at the top.

The adjustable seat and the bluetooth helps for easy entertainment. It suits the baby up to 5 months or up to 25 pounds or until the baby sits independently. It comes with an adapter and removable seat cloth for easy maintenance. You get to access it remotely with the app.

The mamaRoo4 Infant seat costs $239.99 for the swing with black or grey classic fabric and $249 for the other fabrics which are multi plush, silver plush and dark grey cool mesh. The swing is available on the company's website and Amazon. You can purchase extra mamaRoo seat fabrics for $34.99 each. (At the time of this writing, Amazon is running a sale on mamaRoo4 Smart Swings.)


  • Ease of use and simple setup
  • Controllable sound and motion
  • Covers are soft and washable


  • Infant insert is extra
  • Mobile doesn't rotate and auxillary cord too short
  • Price

Learn more by visiting our complete review of mamaRoo Smart Swing on GearBrain

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Best Smart Sheets - Nanit Smart Sheet

Photo of Nanit Smart Sheets in a box

Nanit Smart Sheets


A must-have accessory to your baby's crib! Along with giving a soothing comfort to your child's delicate skin, Nanit Smart Sheet acts as a milestone tracker of your child's growth. The smart sheet accurately measures your child's height at regular intervals and saves them for your reference.

These smart sheets provide comprehensive information on the pace of growth for your baby. There is no hassle and inconvenience to measure your child's health, and it enables easy and smart measurement. It is a perfect fit for any standard crib. The connection with the app and the camera makes this smart sheet a scrapbook for your child's development.

Nanit Smart Sheets cost $34.99 for a one pack and $59.99 for two pack. They come in four colors: pink, blue, white, and grey. In the two packs, you can get a combo of white and grey sheets. Sheets are available on the company site as well as Amazon.

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Best Combo Security Camera and Baby Monitor — Nest Cam

Photo of Google Nest Cam Indoor Wired (2nd Gen) Security Camera

Google Nest Cam Indoor Wired (2nd Gen) Security Camera can act as a baby monitor too.


While your little one is in the "nest," Nest Cam (2nd Gen) is a solid choice for monitoring your baby while you are out of range. It's Wi-Fi enabled and costs less than $100. You'll be able to view your baby all day and night with crystal clear 1080p HD. You will see a 135 degree wide-angle view (FOV) plus night vision technology that lets you watch your sleeping baby without any light needed 15 feet away. Zoom features allow you to hone in on any tiny detail. You will set up Nest Cam to pair with your smartphone or Google Assistant enabled smart speaker or displays for alerts of any movement. Up to 3 hours of video history can be kept on record. Set up is simple and fast and the stand can be fixed to a wall, a tripod, or kept on a flat surface.

The cost of Google Nest Cam (2nd Gen) is $99.99 and is available on Google Store, Best Buy, and The Home Depot. It's also available in four colors: Snow, Linen, Sand with maple wood base and Fog.


  • Intelligent alerts including familiar face detection
  • Good quality sound and video resolution, especially night vision up to 15 feet.
  • Easy to setup and operate


  • Does not work with Amazon Alexa or other smart home ecosystems
  • No integrations with smart home security systems
  • Only 3 hours of free video event history stored

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Best Smart Thermometer — Kinsa Smart Ear Digital Thermostat

Photo of Kinsa Smart Ear Digital Thermostat

Kinsa Smart Ear Digital Thermostat for infants


Kinsa Smart Thermometers are easy to use for taking a baby's temperature — particularly with their in-ear thermometer. The device connects to an app to track fever readings, symptoms, medication dosages, and more. Kinsa thermometers are FDA-cleared and takes just one second to record a baby's temperature with precision. The app will even tell you when you need to call a doctor if the reading is in a dangerous zone. The Kinsa Classic bundle is under $50 and includes Smart Ear & QuickCare Digital Smart Thermometers for you to use for oral, rectal or ear fever readings. The company also sells oral and rectal thermometers. If you're tired of those old-fashioned thermometers, go for something smarter and easier to use, especially on your infant.

Buy from Kinsa Health

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