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How to Get your Product Reviewed

GearBrain’s content value proposition is to be the “one-stop shop” for all products/services of Internet of Things. We are the “first mover” connecting consumers with the tech world of today and tomorrow! Our Editorial staff of subject matter experts (SMEs) immerse themselves into the key product categories of Internet of Things (or connected devices/services.) Their goal is to cover all the connected devices on the market now (i.e. home automation, car technology, wearables) and give users actionable advice, reviews and recommendations on the innovative technologies they can build, buy and/or incorporate it into your daily life. We also look to assist everyone in understanding the security risks these new devices can create and offer solutions that can help protect their data and privacy.

The best way to get your product reviewed is to pitch it to us via email. Please send to product@gearbrain.com. Make sure you include the following in your email:

  • Price
  • Product photos
  • Basic specs
  • Carrier (if applicable)
  • Status of review models

If our editorial team determines your product fits our editorial plans, we will ask you to send the product to be reviewed to us. Note that the product you send must be the one we have agreed to review. In addition, we would need the following to be included with your product:

  • Press kit
  • PR and Technical Contacts
  • All technical specifications if relevant
  • Return shipping information including shipping labels and RMA information
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