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Report: Samsung To Recall Every Galaxy Note 7

Exploding batteries are the reason.

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Samsung's Explosion Exploding batteries are why Samsung is reportedly considering a massive recall of every single Galaxy Note 7 on the market in the world today. Reports of the devices exploding, led Samsung to investigate and conclude that the battery is to blame. As a result, the South Korean company may issue the recall as early as this weekend. Samsung has already halted shipments to some markets. But in the meantime, anyone who has a Note 7 smartphone may want to backup any data they have immediately. Recalls will likely be handled by your mobile carrier. (Via Yonhap News Agency)

Give Your Phone The Finger Want to answer phone calls with your finger? Meet Sgnl, a new device that is kicking the heck out of Kickstarter, raising more than 300 percent of its goal in just the first days. The sounds-too-good-to-be-true Sgnl is a watchband with a special raised button that carries voice from a smart watch up along your finger and to your ear when you're receiving a call. And you don't even need a smartwatch to make Sgnl work. Early bird pricing is gone. But you can still snag one for $119.

iPhone 7 Prices Rumors put the iPhone 7 pricing at up to $1180 for a fully stocked 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus down to $790 for a iPhone 7 with just 32GB. And yes, kiss your old headphones goodbye with the new iPhone. Instead headphones will connect via a Lightning Connector. Apple is holding its press event next week on Sept 7, where the tech company is expected to also announce new updates to other products. (Via GSMARENA)

Siri Spotlight Siri will be running more of your iPhone than ever before with the iOS 10 update. For example, Siri will link to third-party apps including mobile payment app Square and Pinterest. And these are just the apps to start. Apple had said Siri will also link up with Lyft, Fandango and others. But whether those will be part of the initial roll-out, or not, is unknown. (Via The Wall Street Journal)

Self-Driving Cars, Safer Than You Want to know why automakers are pushing full steam ahead for autonomous vehicles to hit the road? To start, self-driving cars are likely going to make the road safer for years to come. Why? Because human error is the main cause of car accidents today.

You're Cold, You're Hot You need a smart thermostat. Luckily. we have a quick video that can walk you through some of the options available—and what you may want to consider before buying your next connected home device.

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