What You Need To Know To Build A Smart Home

Everything you need to help you build the best smart home solution for your house.

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One of the main reasons I created GearBrain was to help simplify all this new emerging technology which can turn your house into a smart home. I found there was a ton of new products coming to market and no one was helping the consumer determine which were the right ones for their home. They also weren't helping consumers figure out where to start to build a smart home or even add a few connected devices which could help you save money or provide protection from unwanted visitors. Therefore, I am writing this article to help you learn where to start and how to build the right smart home system for your house. Since GearBrain tests these smart devices in real homes, we have learned what it takes to get started in our new connected world. Below you will find links to our articles which will be a valuable resource for you prior to starting to build or while you are building your new connected home.

Today, the homeowner has so much to choose from when it comes to selecting the right smart home solution. They also need help in understanding how all this technology works in order to determine which products/services you need. We've put together a list of articles which we know can help you understand the basics in building a smart home solution:

Smart Home System:

Smart Home Systems for Renters: If you rent a home and want to build a smart home, here are a few articles which can help you.

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Home Security System:


Smart Locks:

Leak Detectors: Smart Leak Detectors Make You Aware If There's Water Water Everywhere: Water damage is the #1 insurance claim among homeowners. Learn about how they work and how you can integrate a leak detector into your smart home system. Also, check out Best water leak protectors. Its a list of the best leak detectors to consider buying for your smart home.

Smart Shades/Blinds:

Smart Plus and Switches

Smart Appliances:

Smart Speakers - Voice Activation: More and more connected devices are coming to market and are being integrated with Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple's Siri. Here at GearBrain, we believe voice will help with adoption of new connected devices and assist consumers in building the best smart home solution. Check out Voice Is The New App to learn more about voice activation and recognition and its role in the smart home ecosystem. You can also learn more about the new smart speakers or digital assistants like the new Amazon Echo by checking out the following GearBrain articles:


One of the biggest challenges you face when building a smart home is finding the devices that are compatible with each other. There is nothing worse than going out and buying a device and to come home and find out it will not work with your current device or system. GearBrain is here to solve this problem with our new smart home compatibility checker called The GearBrain. Using the The GearBrain, you can find all the compatible devices that work with a particular smart device, like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Here is a list of the connected devices you can see which devices work with them:

IoT Security

Lastly, one of the biggest concerns among consumers today is the security of their new devices. According to a recent research study by Houzz.com, they found more than half of the respondents to their survey would not buy a smart home device because they had security concerns. Here are two articles which will help you understand more about Internet of Things (IoT) security and ways to protect your new connected devices:

We hope this is helpful and prepares you for the next phase in the building of your smart home. Even though many of the new connected devices coming on to the smart home market might not be ready for prime time, we are very bullish on the market outlook. As more consumers understand how all these new devices work and determine which ones are right for them, we expect to see a big increase in adoption. We look forward to joining you on your new journey in building the right smart home for you.

If you need help installing any of these Smart Home Systems or products , you can visit HomeAdvisor.com to find a local trusted professional.

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