Facebook Explains Live Video Standards After Minnesota

Facebook Explains Live Video Standards After Minnesota

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Facebook Live, Or Not Facebook circled around why the video of Philando Castile's death in Minnesota disappeared (temporarily) that day. Instead the social network posted on how Facebook makes decisions on what Live videos will be allowed to stay up—and what will be taken down. The company says they have a team that stands by 24x7 specifically focused on Facebook Live videos—and ready to " interrupt a live stream if there is a violation of our Community Standards."

Pokémon Go No Although we know you're excited to download the new Pokémon app—make sure you've installed the right one and not an option loaded with back doors. Gizmodo outlines what to look for to make sure you've installed the right one. Then, Cinema Blend has tips on how to get Pikachu to start.

Drone Go Pokémon Go fever is so high that one guy has even figured out to hack the game while using his drone. Reddit user Hyperion995 linked his Android smartphone to a DJI Phantom drone—and then asked the community if this was, well, cheating. I think you know the answer to that.

Poison Detector Scientists at MIT and in Japan have developed a sensor that reacts to toxic gas—then shares that data with a smartphone. The goal, says researchers, is to have the tech ready to launch by 2020, hopefully in the hands of consumers. Japan experienced a nerve gas attack to their subway system in 1995. (Via Japan Times)

Best Sports VR Headset Curious if there are virtual reality headsets that work better with sports apps than others? Well, yes there are and we have a round-up that are sure to hit a home run with your latest game.

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