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Gear up on five IoT news bites for Thursday

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24K Gold Drone Don't even think of tossing one of those sad $100 drones under the tree this year for someone you truly love—or want to impress. Not when Drone Direct is now offering exclusive 24K gold-plated DJI drones just in time for the holidays. No word on what the extra weight does to the drone's flying time, or if you need to keep the gold plating polished—or insured. But more importantly, for about $24,500 (£19,999) you can have a DJI Phantom 4 Camera Drone:Gold Edition flown right to your door. Credit limit doesn't go that high? No worries—you can finance this folly for about $2,050 a month—interest free. Gift-wrapping not included.

AirPod Delay Those oddly-shaped wireless headphones from Apple? Not coming this month. Apple is delaying the release of the $159 AirPod headphones, the company told TechCrunch, with no new release date set. For now, get comfortable with your wired connection.

Apple's TV Guide What will Apple be releasing? Apparently a new TV Guide-like app expected to be announced today at its 'Hello Again' event. We're also supposed to hear about new MacBook Pros. But the app is meant for its Apple TV users—potentially a way to link all of the apps a viewer subscribes to, and push out a daily viewing list so you could see what was available to you either during your day (if something was live) or suggested content. (Via USA Today)

Armani Smart Watch Now Armani is getting into the smartwatch space with its $295 EA Connected Watch that may, or may not, be a little late to the game. Smartwatches are a crowded market—brands from Tag Heuer to Apple producing a number of smart watches that have the ability to, yes, tell time but also take calls, push emails among myriad other features.

FashionTech Looking for a digital bauble for someone this year? Whether you want a smart bracelet in palladium or connected biking shirt that tracks breathing patterns or heart rates, we have our top picks for 2016.

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