Genymobile Announces General Availability of Genymotion Cloud to produce a Big Bang in the development of mobile applications

Genymobile Announces General Availability of Genymotion Cloud to produce a Big Bang in the development of mobile applications

First comprehensive Android platform that delivers automation and collaboration via the cloud to support the entire mobile application lifecycle

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Press Release:

SAN FRANCISCO and PARIS – 30th Sept 2016 – Genymobile, the international leader and technology innovator providing the best revenue assurance platform for bringing Android to Enterprises, announces general availability of Genymotion Cloud, the first cloud-based Android platform.

Genymotion Cloud has already brought new levels of efficiency to the Android application lifecycle through a potent mixture of collaboration and automation features all delivered via the cloud. Over the past 6 months, during Genymotion Cloud beta, many enterprises across the globe have relied on Genymotion Cloud's automation features including seamless integration with Continuous Integration platforms such as but not limited to Jenkins and Bamboo to build and test their Android applications effortlessly thereby dramatically streamlining their mobile app development process.

"While we planned for a versatile Cloud platform that combined collaboration and automation features in equal parts, our enterprise customers were very quick to adopt the automation features of Genymotion Cloud," said Angelique Zettor, Co-CEO and Co-founder of Genymobile. "It was simply fascinating to see how both the constituencies at our enterprise customers - IT as well as Engineering - were delighted. IT saw a reduction in capital and operating expenses associated with setting up and maintaining various parts of their CI systems, whereas engineering (developers and QA) found a new solution that saved them a lot of hassle and time."

"We eat our own dog food all the time and this time it was no different," said the CTO, Co-founder, and Co-CEO Arnaud Dupuis. "We have been using our on-prem Jenkins CI with Genymotion Cloud for a while now. We don't need to bother our IT with setting up and maintaining Jenkins slaves; we just reach out to our own Cloud, instantiate virtual devices, connect to them and run a variety of tests using various testing frameworks! Our developers and QA are very pleased with what we have put out there."

Genymotion Cloud automation features include:

  • Continuous Integration (CI) Support: Compatible with on-premise CI infrastructures such as but not limited to Jenkins and Bamboo, Genymotion Cloud allows developers to test their code incrementally, avoiding cost- and resource-intensive fixes in the future.
  • Multiple Testing Framework Support: Genymotion Cloud supports a variety of testing frameworks including but not limited to Robotium, Appium, Calabash, Espresso and UIAutomator.
  • GMTool command line tool: GMTool enables developers to automate the lifecycle of cloud virtual devices.
  • Genymotion Gradle plugin: Genymotion Gradle plugin makes it easy to run end-to-end instrumented tests in the cloud.
  • ADB Tunnel: Ability to make local ADB calls that are executed on cloud-hosted virtual devices.

Genymotion Cloud collaboration features include:

  • Live Demonstration: Demo application's functionalities on any Android device via any web browser. This enables marketing to gather critical market feedback before the application is complete as well as sales to sell efficiently.
  • Virtual Device Sharing: Remotely share customized virtual device configurations, allowing developers working on the same project to share identical local development environment within minutes.
  • App Sharing: Provide immediate access to the most up-to-date application under development for review. This enables developer teams and UX or UI engineers to collaborate more easily throughout the project. Sales teams can expedite the sales cycles by allowing potential customers to use and test the app under development without requiring additional help from development or pre-sales engineering.

Most importantly, being able to access a mobile app via a web browser has been very popular in mobile gaming industry among other industries. Genymotion Cloud will enable them to market and sell their apps better, faster and to a larger targeted audience.

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About Genymobile

Genymobile was founded in 2011 by Angélique Zettor and Arnaud Dupuis and has offices in Paris, Lyon and San Francisco. It boasts over 10,000 customers, including Facebook, eBay, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Samsung. The company's flagship product, Genymotion, is a fully featured Android virtualization platform that allows developers to perform real-world testing on Android applications to ensure better performance, stability and user experience. The company and its founders have been recognized for excellence in technology, having won the EY 2013 Future Innovation Award, the Prix national du jeune entrepreneur -- the national award for young entrepreneurs -- and the 2014 Ivy Award for young technology leaders. Follow Genymobile on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

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