Identiv Launches Comprehensive UHF Tags for the Internet of Things Market

Identiv Launches Comprehensive UHF Tags for the Internet of Things Market

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FREMONT, Calif., May 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Identiv, Inc. (NASDAQ:INVE) today announced the launch of its UHF Tags family of products for the Internet of Things (IoT) market at RFID Journal LIVE! 14th Annual Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida. RFID Journal LIVE! is the world's largest and most important event focused on RFID and related technologies.

Identiv’s UHF Tags portfolio delivers a comprehensive set of high-performance, ultra-high frequency (UHF) designs for demanding applications that require long distance radio frequency identification (RFID). These designs are dedicated to improving business and manufacturing processes by using RF technology. Corporate and government markets can leverage these contactless tags in a variety of applications, including supply chain and inventory management, asset and personnel tracking, logistics, industrial and manufacturing, and brand protection and anti-counterfeiting. Other target applications include real-time location systems (RTLS), gate and perimeter access control, pharmaceutical and healthcare, entertainment and travel, and IoT enablement.

Identiv’s portfolio provides a high level of performance with existing UHF readers. These tags are designed to work in different regions around the globe with a supported frequency range between 860 - 960 MHz. The designs leverage Identiv’s extensive expertise in RFID deployments and are built to outperform existing solutions available on the market.

“Identiv’s Tags catalog contains a series of different UHF Gen2 designs — including different dimensions and form factors, like dry or wet inlays with adhesive backing or labels — that specifically target a variety of environments, such as plastic, wood, or physical human and animal bodies,” said Stephane Ardiley, Director of Product Management. “Our portfolio also features advanced designs, like tamper-detection and multi-frequency inlays (UHF+LF) that can satisfy innovative customer applications. For more specific demands, Identiv’s expert designers can also build custom products to meet special project requirements.”

Samples of Identiv’s UHF Tags will be available during the conference. RFID Journal LIVE! runs May 3 - 5, 2016 at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. To book a meeting with the Identiv team, please fill out this form or stop by booth 449 during the event. Find out more about Identiv’s UHF Tags at

About Identiv
Identiv, Inc. is the leading global player in physical security and secure identification. Identiv’s products, software, systems, and services address the markets for physical and logical access control and a wide range of RFID-enabled applications. Customers in the government, enterprise, consumer, education, healthcare, and transportation sectors rely on Identiv’s access and identification solutions. Identiv's mission is to secure the connected physical world: from perimeter to desktop access, and from the world of physical things to the Internet of Everything. Identiv is a publicly traded company and its common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market in the U.S. under the symbol “INVE”. For more information, visit

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