Excuse Me, Your Dress Is Glowing

Excuse Me, Your Dress Is Glowing

Gear Up On Five IoT News Bites To Start Your Tuesday

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21st Century Dresses Last night's Met Gala, one of fashion's big annual events, brought out a fusion of high-tech fashion with at least one color-changing gown and a light up dress like this one from designer Zac Posen (and modeled by actress Claire Danes.) The weaving of technology into fashion apparel has been a slow process. Yes, we see wearables working their way into fitness gear. But The Gap has yet to sell a mass produced dress that can shift colors based on your mood. (We'll be first in line.) The Met Gala theme this year, "Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" resulted in more robotic-like gowns then truly wired red carpet wear. But consumers should expect IoT-like features will make their way into their closet. Invisibility cloak anyone?

Oculus Now In Stores Didn't pre-order Oculus Rift? Not a problem because Amazon and the Microsoft Store will all have the VR headset for sale starting 9 am PST this Saturday, May 6. Consumers will also be able to purchase a headset at 48 Best Buy locations starting May 7. Oculus has been plagued with delays in filling their pre-orders. Think of this as skipping the virtual line.

Heart Beat = Big Money Devices and apps that read your blood pressure, heart rate and other health details—like those being developed for Apple's CareKit—are expected to push the medical sensor market to $18.7 billion by 2023. So says a new report from data firm Transparency Market Research. While many of these sensors are already in use in fitness gear, health gadgets that send your data to your physician are next.

TV Controller Controlling your home through your TV? That's what some experts believe is set to happen, and soon, bypassing the smart hubs that we keep hearing so much about. You'll be surprised by what your smart TV can control already.

VR Car Buying For your next car purchase you may not need to take a test drive. Instead, online sales site CarDekho.combelieves you'll take a virtual look. The company, based in India, just bought virtual reality startup, Volob. Already consumers are turning to VR to check out open houses online. Why not cars?

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