Would You Let Windows Control Your Smart Home?

Would You Let Windows Control Your Smart Home?

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Thursday

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Windows Resurrection Microsoft may have figured out a way to make Windows the software power again.The company is reportedly working on the software tool, called Home Hub, which will turn your PC into a smart home hub akin to Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Many believe the desktop computer is a dead device, replaced by laptops, tablets, smartphones and other smaller connected tools. But Home Hub, while linked to Windows, doesn't have to be locked into a giant box on your desk—but instead moveable into these devices, many of them with touch screens. All of a sudden, Amazon's move to produce a new touch-screened Echo looks more interesting. (Via Windows Central)

IoT of Pot Find it hard to keep up with your home grown marijuana plants when you're at work? A new connected device hopes to help with that. LEAF's Plug-N-Plant grow system is designed to help those growing their own medical marijuana—yes—to control watering, nutrient levels and even pH balances. There's a way to share "grow recipes" with other growers too. The founders say you should be able to harvest four ounces of pot every few months with their device. Pre-orders for the $2,990 device are available now.

Holiday Windows Can't hop a plane to see NYC holiday windows? Google has your back with a new mobile tour of some of the most beautiful holiday windows in the city from Saks Fifth Avenue to Tiffany. Called Winter Wonderland, the web-based experience you can view the window displays (and they really are something) fin 360-degrees from you mobile phone

VR Club There's a new virtual reality group in town—the Global Virtual Reality Association, or GVRA. While that doesn't roll off the tongue, the name of it members might: Google, Oculus, Sony, Samsung, Acer and HTC. The six brands are teaming up to develop new best practices for the VR community. Who is not on the list? Microsoft, and its HoloLens. (Via Engadget)

King of Smartwatches Sure the Apple Watch is still the Swiss Army Knife of the smartwatch crowd. But the design leaves some feeling uninspired. We took a look at the Huawei Watch, a sleeker cousin, and how it fits into the iOS ecosystem.

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