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FAA Says: Don't Fly With Galaxy Note 7

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Don't Fly With Note 7 Courtesy of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): Don't fly, charge or stow Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smart device on any flight. A tersely worded statement is now online, that the FAA "strongly advises passengers" not to basically bring the smartphone on any airplane. The FAA's push comes after Samsung has started offering customers a way to exchange their Note 7 (let's call it an unofficial recall) because of the device's batteries catching fire in some instances when being charged. (Like, um, this Florida guy's Jeep Grand Cherokee which exploded after he left his Galaxy Note 7 charging in the car which he was unloading a piece of furniture.) Three Australian airlines, including Quantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia have actually banned them, says Reuters, on their planes.

Apple Preorders Apple opened pre-orders today for the new iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2. While the devices don't start officially shipping until Sept 16th, previews online can give you a sense of what each product will look like, and the options. (And we also have details from the Apple Keynote earlier this week.) But basically, the new iPhone will set you back at least $649—and that's not including tax and Apple Care (which now only charges you an additional $29 .if you break your screen.)

Pokémon Go Continues Pokémon Go's latest boost comes from Apple. Niantic has promised to bring the game to the Apple Watch by the end of the year. Niantic is still working as well on a device, the Pokémon Go Plus, which will buzz when you're near a Pokémon and is expected to appear next week. But will that be enough to offset the meteoric crash of interest that has befallen the augmented reality game in recent weeks? Of course what went up, had to, come down.

Google searches via Google Trend for Pokémon Go as of 9/9/16

Oculus, Emmy Winner Oculus just won an Emmy-award for its virtual reality, Elijah Wood-narrated animated short Henry, about a hedgehog who wants a friend.The award is for Outstanding Original Interactive Program, and it's the first time a VR short has won this award (says Oculus). The film is from Oculus Story Studios, which is now working on its next film, Dear Angelica, which Oculus Rift owners will be able to watch later in 2016. Henry is free on the Oculus site, but you need to register and also need an Oculus Rift to properly view the film. However, a quick preview is available.

Smart Security Roundup Don't know if you want to install your own security system or have someone else monitor your home for you? We have the full details on practically every option you can imagine—and all the devices and companies that can help you protect your house and your family.

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