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SANTA ANA, CA – September 27, 2016 – Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) (NASDAQ:UEIC), the worldwide leader in universal control and sensing technologies for the smart home, is celebrating a successful year, in which its Call Center helped MSO clients significantly lower Customer Effort Scores (CES) while recovering more than 210,000 new installs. Additionally, UEI's Technical Support Services (TSS) has handled over 5 million calls, completed more than 1.5 million customer surveys and succeeded in handling more than 30,000 trouble calls.

"Our Technical Support Services Call Center has played a significant role in helping our pay TV customers reduce costs, trouble calls, and truck rolls, while significantly enhancing efficiencies that drive customer retention," said Steve Gutman, SVP – Subscription Broadcast Unit, Americas at Universal Electronics. "Our success this year is a great accomplishment and truly demonstrates the significance of our broad array of support offerings."

Universal Electronics' Technical Support Services provides MSO customers with an array of technical support and service fulfillment solutions designed to ensure the most enjoyable and effort-free TV viewing experience possible. With clients ranging from NCTC members to some of the largest cable operators in the nation, UEI's TSS has had proven success improving MSO subscribers' customer experience and satisfaction, decreasing customer contact rates and providing significant savings over similar insourced support services.

Services include:

  • Inbound/Outbound repair and billing calls
  • Field calls assisting technicians on-site on the day of repair
  • Sales order entry calls
  • Pre-repair, pre-install and work order verification calls
  • Preemptive equipment health programs
  • "Not home" recovery calls
  • Pre and Post-repair and customer survey calls

"Operators often come across an increasing number of challenges that, for one reason or another, cause the call to be transferred elsewhere and end up driving costs up," said Brian Dean, Senior Director, Technical Support Services. "We can handle both the question and the answer, all in one place. There's no need to transfer a call when the representative on the line is a qualified technician, capable of handling both basic inquiries as well as advanced troubleshooting."

Universal Electronics' call center representatives are trained with an extensive range of skill sets to troubleshoot and resolve any issue, including box hits, modem pings and provisioning, device integrity and diagnostic testing, device programming and replacement, adding and changing equipment, verifying connections and setup, VOD/Guide/Menu usage, ticketing updates and work order scrubbing, sales order entry, customer education, billing updates and more.

About Universal Electronics

Universal Electronics Inc. (NASDAQ:UEIC) is the worldwide leader in universal control and sensing technologies for the smart home. For more information, please visit

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