Why HelloFresh is America’s #1 Meal Kit

Why HelloFresh is America’s #1 Meal Kit

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These days, meal kit delivery services are as common as eating out or getting takeout, but they blend the restaurant fun with cooking at home. Some people like to brush up on their cooking skills, while others don't want to figure out what they're having for dinner. There are tons of different meal kits boasting more variety or better ingredients, and many companies are claiming to be #1 with no justification. With all the options out there, how do you know which meal kit is the best for you? We took three factors into account--menu variety, quality of ingredients, and customer satisfaction--to come up with our Top Meal Kit. Based on these three key factors, HelloFresh's delicious meals beat out the rest, many by a longshot.

HelloFresh is America's #1 meal kit and for good reason. They offer plenty of variety for each weekly menu, locally sources the freshest ingredients available, and delivers the most meals in the US. There are three different plans to choose from: Classic Plan, Family Plan, and Veggie Plan. Servings start as low as $4.99 (with a coupon), and plans range in price depending on the number of people and number of meals selected. Every week, there's a new menu that ranges in flavor profiles and prep time.

Each box arrives neatly packaged with the exact amount of labeled ingredients the recipes call for. The meals don't require cooking experience and are just as easy for a novice as they are for a seasoned chef. Some of the most common reviews online talk about how HelloFresh makes it easy to put dinner together; the recipes are easy-to-follow and require minimal prep. Each recipe has a card with a timestamp so you know how long each meal will take (true to the time shown!).

One may assume that a meal kit is all about the food, right? Not exactly. Turns out, what makes a good meal kit great depends on a few other things. Cooking at home means convenience, delicious food, and the overall experience from start to finish. HelloFresh stands out for these five reasons--

Reasons Why HelloFresh Is The Most Popular Meal Kit:

  • The most choice in recipe options (one-pot wonders, 20-minute meals, premium)
  • Dinner 2 Lunch with enough ingredients for dinner and lunch
  • Fresh ingredients, generous portions, and Global recipes
  • Vegetarian and kid-friendly options for the pickiest of eaters
  • Delivered to your door, making mealtime quick and convenient
  • Personalized wine pairing--6 bottles, delivered to your doorstep each month

With all the perks HelloFresh brings to dinnertime, it's no surprise they have the most 5-star ratings and delivered over 50 million meals in the first half of 2018!

Update: The folks at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get your first 6 meals free!

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