Will My Fitness Tracker Hurt My Diet?

Will My Fitness Tracker Hurt My Diet?

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Wednesday

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Fitness Trackers Dinged Many buy, and use fitness trackers in hopes that the devices will encourage them to work out more — and lose weight. Except they don't. So says a new study from JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association, which found those who used trackers lost less weight than those who didn't. After two years, people who used fitness trackers lost just 7.7 pounds but those who did not lost almost 13 pounds. Researchers who tracked the nearly 500 participants now believe that wearables which "monitor and provide feedback on physical activity may not offer an advantage over standard behavioral weight loss approaches."

Tesla Hack Chinese researchers reportedly broke into — and controlled — a Tesla Model S from 12 miles away. Tesla has already updated the car's software, according to Reuters. The three researchers, who work with Keen Security Lab, were able to control the Tesla Model S in both parking and driving mode, they reported. The video shows the team hacking into the software to open the car's sunroof, turning on exterior lights and also move the car's seat—and say they could also hack into other Tesla models as well.

Obama Backs Self-Driving Cars No less than President Barack Obama is now a fan of autonomous technology, believing self-driving cars could bring about not just safer, but "more accessible driving," he wrote in an Op-Ed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The timing coincided with new regulations being pushed by the Feds on how to oversee and also support the nascent industry.

Look Ma, No Hands Want a true hands-free solution to talking with friends? Onyx may be worth a look—the half-dollar sized wearables allow you to chat with others by just a tapping on the device. We put them to the test.

Privacy Problems? Consumers are being tracked—from every transaction to every time we're online. What are our rights? What are companies doing to protect our information? GearBrain's Lauren Barack will host a panel in New York this coming Monday, "Drones, Wearables, IoT and Personal Privacy", to hear what legal, privacy and security experts believe you should know about your rights.

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