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Zip, Dip and Take That Summer Trip Virtually

How to get away even if you lack the budget or vacation days to escape

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Vacations are essential, and summer provides the perfect time for a little rest and relaxation. The problem? Not everyone has the time off, nor the budget, to slip away as the weather warms. With August already here, and Labor Day just around the corner, envy for pals who dart away every weekend is not uncommon.

However, just because you're, well, enjoying a staycation this August, doesn't mean you can't, frankly, get away. That's the beauty of virtual reality—a way to deeply immerse yourself in another space—even another latitude and longitude.

We've curated a group of travel videos in virtual reality and 360 degree video that's sure to provide at least some escape from wherever you're spending your summer right now. Want to pretend you're spending the evening in a luxury hotel? We have you covered. Fancy a rocket ride on a zip line? Yep, we have that too. Or maybe you're vacation includes cityscape vistas at sunset. Check.

However you want to spend your time this summer—even with a limited budget—you can check out through our VR travel guides. All you need is some time, and a VR headset optimized for travel apps. Don't have one of those? We have some ideas on that as well. Bon Voyage.



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