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5 Non-Obvious Ways to Get Gold in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Here's a bunch of new gold-making methods to add to your arsenal.

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So you've tried every method in the books to rake in WoW gold, and now you're craving something new? Look no further! This guide breaks down five not-so-obvious strategies to line your pockets with those shiny coins. From raw gold to valuable items you can sell for a profit, this info will come in handy for seasoned gold makers and those just diving into their high-level farms.

Let's find out how to boost your gold stash in Dragonflight without further ado.

Fyrakk Assaults

While seemingly overlooked by many players, this activity offers a great opportunity for gold farming.

Firstly, check the Fyrakk Assaults quests — some of them may have gold as a reward upon completion. These quest rewards are fixed, meaning if you spot gold on the list, you can earn it on all your characters.

Next up, it's crucial to defeat at least one Forgemaster and one summoned Rare enemy. If luck is on your side, you could potentially earn up to 700 gold from each encounter. This amount doubles with the Dreamsurge Magpies buff. Additionally, defeated Forgemasters drop Everburning Keys needed to unlock Secured Shipment chests with guaranteed 800 gold, a bunch of Dragon Isles Supplies, and other valuable loot.

The Obsidian Citadel Quests

Every week, you can pledge allegiance to one of the two black dragons, Wrathion or Sabellian. Regardless of your choice, you'll gain access to a set of quests in the Obsidian Citadel. Whether you side with Sabellian or Wrathion doesn't matter regarding quests or gold acquisition. Moreover, gaining a reputation with one dragon doesn't hinder your progress with the other.

You'll need to explore all quest locations within the Citadel to see if any offer gold rewards. Unlike the Fyrakk Assaults, quests and rewards here are random for each of your characters, so it's important to check them on your main and all alts as well.

You'll also need to bring a Greater Obsidian Key to the chosen dragon. This can be crafted by combining materials dropped by Djaradin Elite mobs. The key grants access to an Obsidian Strongbox, which contains around 800 gold, Dragon Isles Supplies, and rare artifacts and relics.

Selling Dragon Isles Supplies

To make this work, you must reach Renown 20 — the maximum reputation level — with the Loamm Niffen faction on any of your characters. The exchange rate will be 100 Supplies for 24 gold.

If this rate seems unfavorable to you, you can trade the Supplies for Barter Boulders instead. However, rather than selling to a vendor, exchange them with Ponzo in Zaralek Cavern for a Thimblerig battle pet. This way, you can potentially double or even triple your profit.

When you max out your Loamm Niffen rep, you'll start earning extra points. For every 7,500 points, you'll receive a Brimming Loamm Niffen Supply Satchel packed with cool rewards, with a chance to receive up to 1000 gold coins at once.

Disenchanting Items

You'll need the Enchanting profession and Renown Rank 11 with Dream Wardens to use this method.

Head to Moon Priestess Lasara at the Emerald Dream and get Solar Synthesis Gloves for 300 Dragon Isles Supplies. Then, using the Enchanting skill, disenchant the gloves to obtain Resonant Crystals, which you can then sell at the Auction House for a nice share of gold. You can do this with different Enchanting skill levels because the amount of Crystals obtained doesn't vary much whether you're low-leveled or maxed out.

This method works well with Adventurer gear, too. Don't discard it — rank it up to the Epic quality and then disenchant to obtain those valuable Crystals.

Note: The third and fourth methods will eventually deplete your Dragon Isles Supplies. To get a refill, visit faction intendants on the Isles and check if they have any quests available to obtain Supplies.

Dreaming Equipment Chests

This one comes with a catch: you can only access the chests with a Mythic+ rating of at least 1000.

Dreaming Equipment Chests are BoA and contain 441 M+ items. Each chest costs 350 Flightstones and can be purchased from Lindormi in Valdrakken. For 1750 Flightstones, you'll receive 5 pieces of equipment that you can either sell for gold, disenchant to sell the resulting materials or keep the gear for yourself if it's a welcome drop.

Final Word

We hope this guide has been useful, helping you learn a couple of new ways to farm gold. That said, we're wrapping up for now. Good luck in your gold-making endeavors, and don't forget to have fun playing World of Warcraft!

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