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Flying Taxi Airbus, makers of giant airplanes, clearly wants in on the autonomous vehicle market—proposing a flying taxicab that could ferry passengers through the sky instead of the ground. One could argue that's exactly what an airplane does today—albeit from one major taxi stand to another, also known as airports. But Airbus, in a recent corporate magazine, seems to suggesting something different, more akin to futuristic travel where "...our big cities will have flying cars making their way along roads in the sky," says Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders in the report. Flying drone maker EHang is also working on just such a prototype. But we still may be many years away before we're hailing a yellow cab in the sky.

Money In VRIDC believes the virtual and augmented reality market is poised for growth—big growth—in coming years. How big? Think $162 billion by 2020, up from just $5.2 billion by the end of this year. No wonder then that companies are tripping over themselves to get into the VR and AR market place from Intel to Facebook. From high-end headsets to those consumers can buy for lunch money, VR and AR is proving to be huge business.

McWearable Pulled McDonalds had rolled out a wearable as one of its latest Happy Meal toys—a pedometer called STEP-iT. The fast food company had tucked the brightly colored bands into its kids meals—which light up as kids are active, and can also be scanned online to open up other online games, according to McDonald's site. But at least one parent complained about a burn her child received from the toy, perhaps leading to the fast food company pulling the toy according to Business Insider.

Intel's New Chips Intel is pushing out a new chip it's calling "Knights Mill" which the company previewed at its conference in San Francisco. The chip is meant to compete in the so-called machine learning space—which allows computers to work tasks such as understanding voice applications, and even running autonomous cars (or taxis as above.) The chip isn't due out until 2017 (via The Wall Street Journal)

You, The Filmmaker Looking for a way to send your live feed to your adoring fans? We look at three apps you can run all through your smartphone (yes iOS and Android) that can push live video to viewers. Bonus? They're also free.

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