Amazon Wants Drones Parked On Lampposts

Amazon Wants Drones Parked On Lampposts

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Wednesday

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Drone Docks Ready to start seeing drone docking on top of lampposts—or perhaps your local church? Amazon has just won a patent that would let it build docking stations on top of tall structures so they could recharge instead of having to fly back to a warehouse. Amazon is hoping to use drones to deliver packages to customers. Recent rulings from the Federal Aviation Administration have started to constrain how companies may used unmanned flying vehicles, including, actually, requiring each drone have an individual pilot.

Lyft Gets Electric GM The first autonomous car developed by General Motors will also run on electricity—and will go to car-sharing service Lyft to start. So says a report in Tech Insider. The timing? Not yet announced. The self-driving car is hardly the first electric vehicle for GM. And a fully electric car from the carmaker, called BoltEV, is coming this fall. Will that vehicle arrive before the version being created for Lyft? Stay tuned.

Temperature Tracker No more awkward temperature taking by stocking a metal stick under your tongue. Withings is pushing a $100 smart version that can read your body temperature just by touching the device to your forehead and pulling the information from the temporal artery. Called Withings Thermo, the device has 16 infrared sensors, and syncs to your smartphone.

Smart Cows Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have figured out how to get an alert on their smartphone when cows are ready to give birth. Sensors attached to their tails send texts when calves are about to arrive. (Apparently tails twitch differently when a cow is going into labor.) No word how the cows feel about being part of the IoT movement. (Via AP)

Sling Your Shows Looking for a way to cut the cord—or maybe make a little trim? Slingboxis one way to pull the content streaming to one television, and send your favorite show to another TV, even if it's across town. GearBrain has the details on how to set up Slingbox, including our experience.

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