'Hey Siri' Calls Ambulance To Save Baby Girl

'Hey Siri' Calls Ambulance To Save Baby Girl

Gear Up On Five IoT News Bites For Wednesday

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Hero Siri An Australian mom dialed 911—by calling out to Siri as she cradled her 1-year-old daughter, who had collapsed. The "Hey Siri" tool is an opt-in choice on iOS devices, a voice-control AI feature that the mother, Stacey Gleeson, believes saved her child's life. IoT devices are increasingly run by voice command systems from Amazon's Alexa to Microsoft's Cortana, with users growing more comfortable running their life just by speaking their wishes and needs. (via 7 News)

Drone Sightings Down The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported fewer "drone sighting" in the later half of 2016, just 582, as compared to the earlier months of that year when they reported 764. These sightings are determined by airline pilots and can't actually be verified, as "drones typically don't show up on radar," said FAA spokesperson Les Dorr in a study by the Academy of Model Aeronautics which is following the FAA's reports.

HTC Vive Ready To Ship HTC is now shipping its VR headset, Vive, in as little as 72 hours from its online site. Buyers who want an even shorter wait time can walk into some Microsoft Stores, GameStop and Micro Center computer stores

IoT Scan For Hackers BullGuard IoT Scanner is a new software solution that reads your home network for connected devices from security cameras to wearables—and if they may be vulnerable to an attack. Although consumers are fairly astute at locking down their computers and smartphones, smart devices that talk to each other increase the vulnerability points that hackers can access.

VR Privacy Pain Virtual Reality is potentially creating privacy issues for users as VR headsets collect data from what you're viewing to how you move. GearBrain outlines what we believe consumers should know about VR from a privacy perspective, so you're seeing clearly before you don your next VR headset.

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