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DJI Drone Goes Hollywood A $4600 drone? Probably not on your immediately wish list. But DJI's latest drone isn't meant for you: It's meant for Tinsel Town. How so? The Matrice 600 can lift one of Hollywood's big cameras—and can stay aloft for more than half an hour. Which Hollywood director will get to play with this toy first?

Apple Embraces Glass Get ready for more glass and less aluminum in next year's iPhone. So says a new report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo—and reported by 9to5Mac. How to account for the extra weight? A lighter and thinner AMOLED (that's an active matrix organic light-emitting diode) display.

GoPro's VR Move GoPro—the camera that famously went up into near space and back—launched GoProVR this morning, a channel to view 360-degree videos produced on its rigs. One of the newest is Omni, a $5,000 set-up that lets users shoot everything they need for VR video. Pre-sales start today.

A Connected Couch? Want your couch to rise and fall with a drop of your hand? Called Lift-bit, a new prototype sofa is offering just this option: lifting and lowering its height through hand gesture or through a mobile app. The tech doesn't come cheap. Just one stool is priced at just over $900—and you need about 14 of these modular pieces to make a decent sofa. (We did the math for you: that's just shy of $11,000.) Of course now you really may be able to get your kids off the couch. And that might be worth anything.

Wind Energy Gets Real Looking for way to send energy bills blowing in the wind? GearBrain outlines how harnessing wind energy to power your home is now a breeze. Curious if you can cut your utility bills? We have the details.

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