EHang, The Drone That Can Fly You Like A Taxi, Will Start Testing In Nevada

EHang, The Drone That Can Fly You Like A Taxi, Will Start Testing In Nevada

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EHang Goes To Nevada EHang, the company with the human-sized drone, will first test its EHang 184 in Nevada, according to a story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. EHang will work with the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems, sending people to build out the drone, and test that the helicopter-like device can work. The Chinese company EHang, debuted 184 at this year's CES, as a manned flying machine—but controlled like a drone, where passengers would enter their details via a smartphone, and let the drone do the rest.

Debate Your Robot Japanese firm Hitachi has developed an AI that can read, and analyze, thousands of pages of text in Japanese and then present both a pro and con argument. The system also anchors the points from details in the text. This goal is for the program to be able to digest material and then come up with opinions around business decisions for companies. (Via Japan Today)

$10.6M For Vital Connect Another $11 million is going to Vital Connect, which makes disposable, connected health patches. The Silicon Valley, CA-based firm works directly with doctors and hospitals, who use the products to collect vital signs from heart rate and skin temperature to the electrical activity of the heart (ECG) sending the readings via an app. Although Vital Connect is not marketed to consumers, health monitoring devices are eventually expected to make their way into people's lives, allowing them to take, record and send their own health data to doctors from home.

Uber Drivers Upgrade Uber is granting drivers more perks. To start? Drivers can now take a pause (something, they actually couldn't do before) instead of declining a trip. Also, drivers will be allowed to charge people who make them wait more than 2 minutes. These, and other changes, come as Uber continues to fend off lawsuits from drivers, and compete against other ride-sharing apps, including Lyft, for riders.

CarPlay Vs. Android Auto Curious how Apple's connected car program stacks up against Google's? We took both for a ride in the past few weeks, to give you the breakdown on which one works best on the the road. We'd love your thoughts too.

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