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$55,000 Fine For Amateur Drone Pilot: He Is Fighting Back

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Drone Pilot's $55K Fine An amateur drone pilot is facing $55,000 in fines from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for snapping some images last summer. Minnesota-native Mical Caterina flew his DJI Inspire drone in August 2015, to capture an aerial view of a protest celebrating the Cecil the Lion, which was hunted and killed last year in Zimbabwe. Despite reportedly meeting the FAA's requirements of not flying over people, a residential area or within 5 miles of an airport, Caterina received a letter from the FAA with details about the fines in April. Caterina, who is reportedly fighting back, hasn't flown drones since November. (Via The Daily Signal)

PlayStation VR Release Date Expect to have a nice two weeks to play with PlayStation VR before Halloween—the VR headset will be launched October 13th. Sony's long-awaited VR headset will cost $400 (the PlayStation Camera and Move controllers are extra)—a highly competitive price. Sony finally named the date, along with details about 50 new games that will work with the headset including Batman, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil titles. And if you haven't pre-ordered your device yet, you'll be able to place orders again this summer.

Razer's VR Launch Everyone is pushing a VR headset to market this year. Razer is pushing its second: HDK 2, priced at just $399, with plans to ship the device in July. Of course that means a couple of things are missing: namely headphones and a controller (fairly crucial for gaming.) That said, Razer will have motion tracking gloves called Gloveone, which will be a controller option for the HDK 2, when the VR headset launched. But those attending E3 in Los Angeles this week, can be among the first to demo the new device. (And yes, Razer's $299 HDK 1.4 is still available.)

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn In the biggest buy of its life, Microsoft paid $26.2 Billion for online networking site LinkedIn and access to its more than 433 million members around the world. Expect to see, at the least, more integration of Microsoft tools into LinkedIn's environment, plus the marriage of LinkedIn's data with the software giant's systems. The deal should close this year.

Fingerprint Required Planning to take the kids to a theme park this summer? Be prepared to offer up more than the price of the ticket as many amusement parks now collect biometric data on their guests. Which ones? We'll tell you.

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