Gear Up On IoT: Uncle Sam Can Still Spy On Bad Guys + Eagles That Hunt Drones

Gear Up On IoT: Uncle Sam Can Still Spy On Bad Guys + Eagles That Hunt Drones

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Five IoT News bites to start your Tuesday.

Dire warnings by the U.S. government that encryption cuts their ability to spy on bad guys may be inflated. So says a new report from Harvard University's Berman Center for Internet & Society. The main point? "Don't Panic" — both the name of the report and the message that Uncle Sam still has spy capabilities. The report points to new technologies, such as sensors and IoT devices, that may offer the government " opportunities to gather critical information from surveillance," says writers.

How did Microsoft's mobile app handle the Iowa Caucus last night? With results now in, apparently all went fine, allowing caucus chairs to enter results through smartphones, bypassing telephone options used over past decades. And yes. The app worked on iOS, Android—and Windows phones.

To snap unwanted drones from the sky, Dutch National Police are turning to a natural option—using Eagles to effectively hunt the flying machines, and bring them down. Netherlands company Guard From Above is actually training the raptors, calling their work "a low-tech solution for a high-tech problem," according to its web site.

Samsung is jumping full-speed into the 360-degree VR video camera market with its newest product: Gear 360. The tech company's device is expected to be unveiled at Samsung's Unpacked event on February 21, along with its new smartphone the Galaxy S7. The camera reportedly has the ability to stream 360-degree images to your smartphone through Bluetooth, even live. Pricing has not been set yet.

Finally, Toy maker Mattel has bought San Francisco, CA-based wearable firm Sproutling for an undisclosed sum. The smart baby monitor maker has already raised more than $6.5 million since launching. Sprouling features a wearable that fits snuggly to an infant's ankle, then sends heart rate, skin temperature and other health data to a parent's smartphone.

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