Gear Up On IoT: Zuckerberg Launches AI Project + CES Begins

Gear Up On IoT: Zuckerberg Launches AI Project + CES Begins

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Five IoT news bites to start your Monday.

Mark Zuckerberg, always one for headlines, is building an artificial intelligence system that's “kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man," he says in a Facebook post Sunday night. Facebook's founder and CEO says he's seeing the project as a “personal challenge for 2016." Given his success record, the announcement is worth listening to closely.

This is, of course, CES Week — when brands reveal products they hope to entice consumers with for the upcoming year. The latest is a a new device tagged Nora, placed inside a pillow to inflate and move a sleeper's head — then stop the offending noise. A smaller object, embedded with a microphone, picks up the early sounds of snoring, with the pillow expanding to subtly alert the snorer to stop.

CareTime is a smartwatch for kids — but aimed at parents may want to buy their kids. Programmable for up to 10 incoming contacts — and only 10 — the device can make outgoing calls to only five phone numbers. Why will mom or dad like this? Because they can choose who contacts their child, and who their son or daughter can ring back as well.

Taiwanese students have hacked an Apple Watch to control a drone — but just by moving their hands. The system they built tethers sensors to the smartwatch, and was also used to change the colors in a Philips Hue HomeKit light system.

Finally, yes, it's time to start those Apple 7 rumblings. MacRumors reports (from MyDrivers) that the new smartphone will sport more storage and a larger battery. Also — the headphone jack? May be a thing of the past, replaced entirely with a Lightning connector. Stay tuned.

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