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Gear up on five IoT news bites for Friday

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Parking Woe Google Maps is a whiz at showing you how to get to your destination. But once you get there, parking is a problem you have to solve on your own. No longer, Google says, as long as you have an Android device. A new icon has been sewn into Google Maps, which pops up to show you what the parking situation is where you're going. Google says it figures out this information based on past data. The app is only rolling out in certain cities—think big metro centers like Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles and 22 others. No, this isn't a self-parking app. And all you iPhone users? Nah. Not for you.

Skin Cancer Researchers at Stanford University have developed an algorithm that can detect skin cancers as well, they say, as a trained doctor. The work came out of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and is now in the current issue of Nature. The paper's authors write that the AI can "potentially extend the reach of dermatologists outside of the clinic," they say.

Slang N 'Friendz Ludacris, yes that Ludacris, has launched a new app playing off the Words With Friends popularity. This one, though, requires you play slang words instead of dinging you for them. The app, Slang N' Friendz is made for both iOS and Android.

Driverless Bus An autonomous bus took a test drive in an Atlanta parking lot—with passengers inside. The bus is hardly hitting highways or city streets right not. But it is part of a PR tour making its way across the country (Texas and California) to show people how well self-driving vehicles can behave. (Via AP)

Air Hogs AR We put Air Hogs Connect Mission Drone into the hands of some of our teen reviewers. Their spin on the toy? Ups and downs.

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