Meet L.U.C.Y: The First Virtual Assistant With A Touchscreen

Meet L.U.C.Y: The First Virtual Assistant With A Touchscreen

The world's first smart home hub and virtual assistant with a touchscreen display and facial recognition is now available on Kickstarter!

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Press Release:

L.U.C.Y. will be available to a limited number of Kickstarter backers for 35% off the retail price, here.

L.U.C.Y simplifies your interactions with your smart home by integrating multiple smart home products into one app. With L.U.C.Y, you can control multiple aspects of your smart home without having to switch between various apps in order to turn off the lights, change your thermostat, or check your security camera.

With the growing market for artificial intelligence, people are looking for a virtual assistant that distinguishes itself from the others. L.U.C.Y, the first virtual assistant with a touchscreen, organizes the home by being at the heart of it. At the touch of a screen, one can easily navigate through features such as video-calling, note-taking, checking a schedule, or displaying art and photography.

With a wall mount that allows her to be hung anywhere throughout the home and easy-to-use touchscreen features, L.U.C.Y is the virtual assistant you'll want to interact with every day. Learn more about how you can own L.U.C.Y at 35% of the price, here.

For more information, please visit L.U.C.Y.'s website or Facebook page.

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